WTS: overgeared sorc - nezekan

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  1. Aion

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    as topic (CE account + over 1 year old)

    lvl 55
    Full miragents+1
    Mira weapon +10 (fused with abyss 50 + general gs)
    full elite 50 armors +6
    full 50 accessories (and belt is 55 abyss)

    Debilkarim Turquoise Ring
    Elder Tears
    Dragon flame sapphire necklace
    Atmach Earring
    Anuhart Belt

    near 200m of kinahs

    In the same acc is a lvl 40+ ranger alt
    +15 lvl 40 expert durable ulmus bow
    Full lvl 30 - 35 fabled armors (celestial/dolans etc)
    2 lvl 30 ap ring
    1x lvl 30 ap necklace
    1x lvl 30 ap earring

    Original owner. Accepting paypal/wu. pm offers
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.