WTS: Original IGN Dorans Ring, 90+ Champions, 50+ Skins, Serious Offers Only.

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    C/O 0$ As the title says, if you need proof, please add me on , [kody.whicherr] All offers are taken into consideration.I WILL BE WILLING TO TRADE FOR RUNESCAPE GOLD/ITEMS.Will sell on Paypal. Legit seller, hmu if interested. I will do video swap, to show you all the skins, and all the other things that you might be interested into. I have had the account for about 2 years now, and i decided to call it quits. It has 93 champions, And 50+ skins, with also a lot of legacy skins, which are unobtainable anymore. Also, the account is currently a silver 5, which can be easily raised with the right skill. If you cannot get a hold of me on , you can also @ me on twitter @MotiveDoh Or private message me on here. Runes that are on the account: Marks__________ 9 +1.3 Armor Pen 9 +0.87 Magic Pen 9 +0.95 Attack Damage Seals__________ 9 +1.41 Armour 6 +0.74 Magic Resist 9 +0.41 Mana Regen/5 7 +19 Health at level 18 Glyphs_________ 3 +1.2 Ability Power 9 +0.31 Mana Regen/5 9 +3.1 Ability Power at level 18 9 +0.7 Armour Quintessences___ 3 +2.56 Armour Pen 3 +5.0 Ability Power _______________________________________ Skins are as shown: Dynasty Ahri Nurse Akali Almost-Prom King Amumu Freljord Ashe Boom Boom Blitzcrank Officer Caitlyn Desperada Cassiopeia Loch Ness Cho'Gath Dark Valkyrie Diana Death Blossom Elise Shadow Evelynn Frosted Ezreal Nightraven Fiora Spooky Gangplank Frostblade Irelia Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV Sakura Karma Statue Of Karthus Bilgewater Katarina High Command Katarina Karate Kennen Mecha Kha'Zix Muay Thai Lee Sin Traditional Lee Sin Coral Reef Malphite Totemic Maokai Assassin Master Yi Mafia Miss Fortune Infernal Mordekaiser Galactic Nasus Nunu Bot Glacial Olaf Bladecraft Orianna Full Metal Pantheon Outback Renekton BattleBunny Riven Rumble in the Jungle Tribal Ryze Riot Girl Tristana Asylum Shaco Warlord Shen Darkflame Shyvana Mad Scientist Singed SandScourge Skarner Arcade Sona Justicar Syndra Armour of the 5th Age Taric Cottontail Teemo Lil' Slugger Trundle Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate Gangster Twitch Giant Enemy Crabgot Vindicator Vayne Commando Xin Zhao Pentakill Yorick ShockBlade Zed WildFire Zyra ________________________________________ Legacy Skins: Annie In Wonderland Zombie Brand Mr.Mundoverse Desert Trooper Garen Slay Belle Katarina Swamp Master Kennen Leopard Nidalee Championship Riven
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