[WTS] [OO] LvL 30 - 71 Champions - 33 Skins - 5 Rune Pages - Full Rune Sets! $100 OBO!

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    Hello, I am here today to sell my OO League of Legends account which I have over $350+ invested in. I will start by saying I am by no means high rated, but if you have a friend you can duo with I have the tools to get you to higher ELO with this account. This account comes packed with 71 Champions, almost every good viable champion for Solo Queue as well as Arranged Team play with the runes to go with them. You will also get 33 Champion skins, I own at least one skin per Champion that I played consistantly which is about 30 different Champions ( a couple Champions like Teemo have multiple skins). Why should you buy this account over others on spamsite? Well here is why, you get all the viable Champions to be competitive as well as skins to go with them but you will also get ALL the viable runes you need to perfrom at your very best. I did not skimp out on anything with this account I farmed my heart and soul out to make sure that every purchase I made was to the best benifit to competitive play as possible. Why is my solo rating so low? I mainly focused on Arranged Team play because I main supports it can be difficult to climb rating in solo que as a support player, not a great excuse but it is what it is. Keep in mind when deciding if you want to buy my account that this is my personal MAIN account and has NEVER been in the possesion of anyone else but myself, the only reason I am selling this account is I am a father and need to pay bills due to recently being laid off, which is why I will not sell for lower than $100.00. Thank you and feel free to IM me on AIM with any questions and offers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.