WTS: Old league account w/ S2 Silver, 86 champions, 27 skins, 6 rune pagesMiddleman Seller Guide

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    I WILL PROVIDE SCREENSHOTS ON REQUEST AND WILL BE USING A I PAY FOR. HAS ALL REFUNDS AVAILABLE The account was made shortly after the Beta Has a TON of runes: All AD, AP, Carry, Jungle, Tank runes. The skins are as follow Alistar: -Matador Alistar -Unchained Alistar Annie: -Gothic Annie -Annie in Wonderland Corki: -Urfrider Corki Janna: -Frost Queen Janna Karma: -Traditional Karma Kayle: -Judgement Kayle Leona: -Valkyrie Leona Maokai: -Festive Maokai Mordekaiser: -Dragon Knight Mordekaiser -Infernal Mordekaiser Nocturne: -Frozen Nocturne Rammus: -Chrome Rammus Shyvana: -Boneclaw Shyvana Sona: -Muse Sona Soraka: -Dryad Soraka -Divine Soraka Swain: -Northern Front Swain Taric: -Bloodstone Taric Thresh: -Deep Terror Thresh Tristana: -Geurilla Tristana Trundle: -Traditional Trundle Twitch: -Vandal Twitch Urgot: -Giant Enemy Crabgot -Butcher Urgot Warwick: Big Bad Warwick ASKING: $250 US obo :GLADTHAWK
Thread Status:
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