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    Bartz Adena: 38 euro / billion Bartz powerlevel: Powerlevel at Bartz Official Server. All chars will be given mentor to lvl faster. 2 ways to lvl, one is share account (for safety remove items / adena except shadow items ofc), 2nd is we make char with the name / class u wish. We dont use use bot, all xp manually by our team. 1-85 for 30 euro payment for powerlevel can also be done with adena. 1-85 1kkk Paypal accepted only (verified), for info pm or add [email protected] Bartz chars Iss 85 lvl male dark elf iss 87 lvl dwarf female , with immortal sets + requiem duals 30 euro 86 lvl female human wynn summoner, nobless subs 77 mystic muse, 71 bounty hunter, +3 twilight robe set (some attribute), +5 power shirt(+2con +men +7speed), immortal jewel set+3, twilight necklace+3, +3 requiem caster acumen, twilight sigil, immortal bracelet, full equipment for subs, 17 luxury coctail, 1 lucky weapon enchant stone R grade, hair accesorry ls, mysterious ss packs (s+r grade), gw lvl 55, kooka 81+68 lvl, immortal robet set + sigil, immortal leather set +3, 5k mentee coin - 40 euro 87 lvl human male yul archer nobless,, sub 75 phantom summoner, +3 twilight leather set (leggings blessed), +5 power shirt(+2 con +2 men, +7 speed), +3 immortal jewel set, twilight necklace +3, +5 requiem thrower focus 165 fire, zaken cloack, 4 luxury coctail, +3 immortal leather set, hair accesory ls - 40 euro 89 lvl sigel knight nobless,male dark elf, 7%, 1218 fame, Immortal heavy set(event)(resists:fire 90, wind 40, holy 20, water 90, earth 300, dark 20), pailaka shirt, apocalypse cutter 160 wind, immortal jewel set, dawn's bracelet, immortal shield, requiem cutter event, bound bomt magic damage for sub, twilight gaiters, gauntlets and boots, ring of insolence VII, 10 luxury coctail, 2 fresh milk, 4 elixir of blessing, 60 lvl great wolf, 43 adventurer mark, 4399 mentee coins, 1 hair acessory life stone, subs 75 lvl wc, 68 phantom summoner, subskills pdef/mdef lvl 4, 3 vitality maintain potion (30min) , 3 vit maintaining potion (1hour), nevits rune 100% (3hour), rune of xp 50% (5hour), ant queen (30 day pack), 3 superior giant codex, 5 lesser giant codex, some ewr and ear, some elemental stones. - 60 euro 93 lvl human othell rogue nobless,18.47%, subs: 75 hawkeye, 79 spectral master, 72 warcryer,+3 bound twilight leather set full resist, +4 power shirt (con +2 mdef+12), top grade magic pounch cloth belt inventory slot +18, +4 bound apocalypse shaper focus 300 holy, istina bracelet, +3 augmented immortal earrings event (2), +3 augmented immortal ring event, bound twilight necklace, soes blessed body (for oly), hell knife mental shield (for oly), +3 ring of insolence ix, many talishmans, adventurer mark pledge 50, 42k olympiad token, shadow hide +4 time, superior dagger mastery +4 power, superior dual dagger mastery +4 power, superior light armor mastery +4 power, superior movement +4 power, superior critical mastery +4 power, superior resistance +4 power, subskills: sub atk.spd/casting spd. increase lvl 2, sub critical damage increase lvl 3, sub mp consumption -reuse time decrease lvl 3, dyes: lvl 1 legendary dye of str (str+3 dex-1 resist to fire +5), lvl1 ancient dye of str (str +3 dex-2 resist to fire +5), lvl1 giants dye of str (str +3 dex-2), 4675 mentee coins, augmented angel circlet evasion (evasion+5), immortal leather set (event) +3 (2nd gloves +6), majestic set, +3 belt of insolence, requiem thrower event, +4 requiem dual dagger focus holy 260 (event), +4 t-shirt of insolence, 1330 tissue energy crystal, 73 lvl snow fenrir, +4 warriors t-shirt, +3 dragon skull acumen, major arcana set, one of top chars for his class - 100 euro all prices negotiable Pm offer and char u are interested in. Paypal accepted only (verified), for info pm or add [email protected] and send me here to log in. Credits: Quote from: Lain on May 03, 2011, 01:39:32 PM legit trader Quote from: Lain on March 11, 2012, 12:30:44 PM I can vouch for this person. Had been doing with her business since early 2011, everything went smooth and well. Scammers beware! You scam her, and you deal with me afterwards! [/list][/list][/list]
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