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    THIS IS NOW AN AUCTION, I NO LONGER PLAY EVE AND WANT TO GET RID OF THIS ACCOUNT. Auction will start at $80 (Paypal Only) Bids are $5 or more Auction will end: 10th of August at 7pm (GMT +10.) Reserve:Hidden (it is very low, so the first bidder could win this) PLEASE POST ALL BIDS HERE I WILL NOT ACCEPT BIDS PM OR EMAILED TO ME. THANKS =] Hey, I have a NYX pilot of which i am selling, which also comes with a NYX which is travel fit. (NOTE I WILL NOT SELL SEPARATELY) The Pilot is located in Low-Sec in a POS which may be used for the transaction. PLEASE NOTE I AM ONLY DOING A WHOLE ACCOUNT SALE, I WILL ONLY DO A CHARACTER TRANSFER IF SOME ONE SO DESPERATELY WANTS TO) Please send me any offers you have and all the info you should need is bellow =] LOOKING TO SELL ASAP SO YOU COULD GET A GREAT DEAL!!!! INFO: Character - Caldari, change portrait available + 1 stats remap, has clone with +4 implants (except for Charisma) has 100,000 unallocated skill points Can fly Caldari + Gallente ships 38.2mill SP. Character Specials: 92.56% Combat 7.44% Industry Has high sec status Current Value of Character = 9,500,000,000 ISK Current Value of NYX = 13 to 15 Bill ISK TOTAL = 22.5 to 24.5 Bill ISK Can fly Nyx (ship included) relative skills: Gallente Carrier: 5 (already can launch-operate 20 drones/fighters/bombers) Fighters: 5 Fighter Bombers: 5 Sentry Drones: 5 Jump Drive Calibration: 5 Jump Fuel Conservation: 4 All Armor Comp are either lvl 3 or 4 (Including Shield Comp) Can use Capital Repairs + Remote Capital Repairs + Remote ЕСМ Burst. + can operate T3 Strategic Cruiser "Tengu" (all subsystems = 5lvl) & Covert Ops (5 lvl) Nyx is in "transporting" Т2 fit (trimarks T1 + Remote ECM Burst module, with some fighter/bombers) with Cloak. (including ECM BURST) P>S This pilot has been in no capital battles or anything, the nyx has only been used for private use. So the character is not on ANY!! alliance list as been a known Super Capital Pilot. My own alliance/ corp does not even know. Also i built the ship myself at a private location in a 1 man corp. So i know nobody knows.
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