WTS [Nexus Eu] Cleric 55 very good gear.

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    This is second account I'm selling on this site - last one was sold half year ago and buyer is still happy with purchase. Recently i helped him convert his account into Gameforge system. This time im selling Asmodian Cleric lvl 55 on new server Nexus. Here u can see picture taken in game: Detailed character info: Spoiler: Mace- Betoni +2 (mag res), Shield – Anuhart (mag res), Earth Dragon Staff (mag boost), Jotun Worthy Hat, Debilkarim’s Necklace, Elite Squad Leader’s Aquamarine Earring, Debilkarim’s Turquoise Earring, Impish Aqumarine Ring, Kingspin’s Turquoise ring, Brigade General Anuhart’s Sash, Full Coliseum Eternal set (cond 1, silence version, full mag resist, +1). + on pet (malika’s Gloves, Malika’s Spaulders, Fenris gloves, fenris brogans, Devahanson’s hat, Pacification Sapphire neck, Lilipop skin mace (with item shop), Firehead, Kingspin malevite Shield (5 slots, hp)). Pets: 6 slots/12 slots, buff pet Abbys points in icons 323,700 (i will update it if it change much) Abbys points on character: 43.793 Full dps stigmas (+ all normal, 2x with another tree (heal)) Medals/Tokens/Insignia: 5x Gold medals 22x Platinum medals 6x Circle Tokens 1x Crusadel Tokens 7714 x Crucible Insignia (i will update it if it change much) 546 x Courage Insignia (i will update it if it change much) 3x gold pack (30 days) + 1 active at the moment (veteran on) 1 godstone 1880 earth damage 1% (worth 40kk) Ench: 82, 85 (worth 30kk) Kinah: 30kk And more more more (craft 235 alchemy, 40 handi) (a lot recipes, dyes, mats (balaurs/essence/etc) on alt (sorc 10 lvl) ~(worth arround +/- 100kk!) I ONLY accept paypal payment. I'm first and only owner of the account. To ensure security i send all details after money are booked on my account. I can provide all additional information if requested including contact in game before purchase. Account is active and i still play on it so I'm most likely gonna get even more item's money and AP. Send your offer by PM or post in this topic. Only serious offers. IM NOT DUMB SO PLZ NO SCAMMERS.
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