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    Character Name: Zillion Class: Sword Singer (Sword Muse) BASE CLASS Subclasses: Mystic Muse / Adventurer / Ghost Sentinel PVP/PK: 2151/215 2 Times Hero (didn't play for 3rd time) Items: +20 Imperial & Draconic Armor +20 Tatoo Absolute +20 Boss Jewels +20 Draconic Bow (Passive duel might) +20 Forgotten Blade (Passive cheer) +20 Arcana Mace (Active Silence) +20 Draconic Bow (Passive Accuracy) 300 Heart Stones More Info: Dyes: STR+2 CON-2 / STR+3 CON-3 Ghost Sentinel has 2 passive item skills. 1st: Passive Might 2nd: Passive Shield Full Buffs with Greater Might + Battle Force, max p.Atk 11500 and max p.def 4700 Damage Output on dagger => 2500 - 3200 with hex (If dagger +20 and full p.def buffs with 2 item skill: shield) Else Damage Output on dagger => 3000 - 4200 with hex Skill Enchantment: Hex +10 Power Break +10 Stunshot +9 Freezing Strike +9 Victious Stance +10 34 Remaining Bogs at werehouse & 440k nobless gate passes. Weapon Augmentation Skills (SUM): Active: Might Active: Shield Active: Battle Roar (Forgotten Blade) Active: Duel might Active: Focus Active: Agility Active: cheer Active: Guidance Active: Magic Barrier Active: Heal (Draconic Bow) Active: Heal Empower Active: Prayer Active: Silence (Arcana Mace) Active: Stun (Angel Slayer) Active: Stun (Draconic Bow) Active: Wild Magic Active: Celestial Shield (Angel Slayer) Passive: Accuracy (Draconic Bow+20) Passive: Agility (Angel Slayer+5) Passive: Magic Barrier (Draconic Bow+5) Passive: Shield (Forgotten Blade+5) Passive: Duel Might (Draconic Bow+20) Passive: Agility (Draconic Bow+13) Passive: Duel Might (Forgotten Blade+5) Some screenshots: Password can be changed through here: l2leviticus/changepwd.php Can u trust me? I guess yes... why? : Date Registered: December 11, 2008, 12:59:58 PM If i forgot anything i will update this post. Price: 150 euros New Price: 100 euros Updated Price: 75 euros (PM for offers) Accepting: paypal
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