WTS: NA][WTS]Unranked in S3 account with Good skins, 10 rune pages, 101 champs

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    LVL 30 account. 101 Champions and 30 skins, including some rare ones : Ravager Noctourne, Dark Candy Fiddlesticks, Unmasked Kayle, Pirate Ryze, Headless Hecarim, Underworld Twisted Fate, Nightmare Cho'Gath, Overlord Malzahar, Judgment Kayle, Tango Twisted Fate and Nurse Akali. Also some high value ones like : Nemesis Jax, Pentakil Karthus, Gatekeeper Gallio, Lord Mordekaiser, Blackthorn morgana, Augmented Singed, and Infernal Alistar. Well, might as well list the rest of them : Galactic Nasus, Deep One Kassadin, Valkyrie Leona, Shadow Prince Malzahar, Dragon Knight Mordekaiser, Glaive Warrior Pantheon, Crimson Elite Talon, Bioforge Darius, Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate, Blight Crystal Varus, Sherwood Forest Ashe, and Resistance Caitlyn. There are 10 rune pages and a TON of runes including some limited edition holiday ones (not that those matter really, but they were a good deal...) The account has never been banned or had any tribunal issues. It is unranked this season and was silver last. I'm the original owner and have had it since the beginning. Price is around 80$ . My : Jerryjames2010
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