WTS: [NA]WTS LVL 50 MAGE Collectors Edition

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    Hi i am looking to sell my account. It has a level 50 mage, 24 rogue and 8 warrior on defiant side, on the Freeholm pvp server. Each character has all the crafting skills. Okay for my mage, it has all the epic prestige gear except chest, level 4 prestige with about 11k favor, around 50 focus or so and a rune in the bank that adds +18 focus , so almost playerup for t2 experts. The notoriety is mostly all around decorated and revered. The skills on my mage is foraging, apothecary, and artificer all of them over 280 close to maxed out. For items theres not much but plants for crafting. The mage also has 90 plaques from dungeons, 160 artisan marks, but not to much platinum and planarite. The rogue has butchering and leatherworking and mining, which are all around 120 or so. The warrior has runecrafting , armorsmith, and weaponsmith. The runecrafting is around 150. The rogue and mage have 3 soul slots unlocked with all souls . I am selling it for a reasonable price, 100 bucks (us) , and will make sure theres at least a month on the account before its bought. If your interested PM me or send me an email and ill give you full details, and screenshots, so on an so on. Paypal only. ---------- Post added 05-05-2011 at 05:47 AM ---------- sorry forgot to mention, the mage also has the spectral horse from the river of souls event ---------- Post added 05-05-2011 at 05:47 AM ---------- email: [email protected]
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