Selling WTS NA WOT account - priced to sell quick. 12x tier 10, + gold tanks

Discussion in 'World of Tanks Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by mark zawierucha, 2/18/14.

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    Price $:
    400 (Negotiable)
    Asking price $400 - but I'll consider all reasonable offers. Willing to use a trusted middleman.

    I have a combined account for wot and wowp (wowp is bare but it has alpha tester rewards.) I'll consider all reasonable offers. Account comes with email.
    I am looking to sell it through pay pal or trade it for RSI credits / ships (star citizen). I am a confirmed trader on reddit check out my reputation for confirmed transactions. Here is the list of tanks, most of them 100% with at least 1-3 crew skills. Most if not all tier 10’s have top end equipment on it.

    Heavies tier 10 (6 total):

    Maus, E100, T110E5, AMX 50b, IS7, IS4

    TDs tier 10 (1 total):

    T110E4 (4 crew skills) TDs tier 9: T95, Jagtiger, Tier 7pz.fsl. V, Russian researched up to tier 5

    Mediums tier 10 (3 total):

    M48A1 Patton, Bat Châtillon 25 t, T-62A

    Arty tier 10 (2 total):

    T92, Batchat 155 Tier tier 8: Su-14-2

    Gold tanks: 10 total

    T34, M6A2E1 (Mutant 6), Super perching,

    T14, Churchill III, T1e6, T7 combat car, light Mk. VIC , Pk.Zpfw38H 735 (F) (Mini maus), tetrach, LTP

    Gold: 710 Credits: 395,994 Free Experience: 2,898 XP available to convert: 262,769

    Kill/Death Ratio 1.87 10,487 / 5,595 Damage Caused/Received 1.43 13,674,466 / 9,560,498 Performance Rating: 1,553 Efficiency Rating: 1,564 WN7 Rating: 1,545 WN8 Rating: 2,140

    I am the original owner of this account - I just changed the email address to a generic gmail address so it will come with the account.
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