WTS: [NA] Silver S2 Plat III S3

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    The account is currently platinum III with very high MMR (gaining 25-30 for a win and losing around 15 for a loss). Skipped platinum division IV, went V - III. 54 champs owned - refer to image below All runes are flat except scaling Magic Resist glyphs and scaling Ability Power glyphs 9x armour marks 9x armour pen marks 9x attack damage marks 9x attack speed marks 9x magic penetration marks 9x armour seals 9x ability power seals 9x magic resist per level glpyhs 9x ability power per level glyphs 3x armour penetration quints 3x attack damage quints 3x gold per 10 quints 3x ability power quints Skins Blood Moon Akali Crimson Akali Sad Robot Amumu Mr Mundoverse Angler Jax Judgement Kayle Deadly Kennen Dragon Fist Lee-Sin Commando Lux Frozen Terror Nocturne Scarlet Hammer Poppy Rumble in the Jungle Frozen Shen Yellow Jacket Shen Darkflame Shyvana Surfer Singed Hextech Sion Tyrant Swain Vandal Vladimir Time Machine Zilean I will not be going first, I have some reputation on these forums. If you do not wish to go first, you may use a . If you choose to use a , the fees will be paid entirely by you. Payment will be made through paypal as a gift.
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