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    Season 1 Top rating was 2009 finished with 1935 The account is currently at 1497 ELO, with 24 games played, so you still get 20-30 ELO/win. -Champions and (Skins) on the account: -Akali (Silverfang Akali) -Alistar (Golden, Unchained Alistar) -Amumu -Anivia (Hextech Anivia) -Annie (Frostfire Annie) -Ashe -Blitzcrank -Caitlyn -Cho'Gath (Nightmare Cho'Gath) -Evelynn -Ezreal -Gangplank -Garen -Gragas (Gragas, Esq.) -Heimerdinger (Snowmerdinger) -Irelia -Janna -Jarvan IV (Victorious Jarvan IV) -Karthus -Kassadin (Deep One Kassadin) -Kayle (Judgement Kayle) -Kog'Maw (Monarch Kog'Maw) -LeBlanc -Master Yi -Mordekaiser -Morgana (Blade Mistress Morgana) -Nasus (Dreadknight Nasus) -Nidalee (Leopard Nidalee) -Nunu (Sasquatch Nunu) -Pantheon -Poppy -Ryze (Professor Ryze) -Shen -Singed -Sion (Lumberjack Sion) -Sivir -Sona -Soraka -Taric -Teemo -Tristana -Tryndamere -Twisted Fate -Urgot -Vayne (Dragonslayer Vayne) -Veigar (Veigar Greybeard) -Vladimir -Warwick -Xerath -Zilean Thats a total of 50 champions and 20 skins (5 out of them are not available to buy anymore) There is also 898 RP and 442 IP left on the account. There are 10 runepages on the account and many Runes: Marks: -9*ArPen -9*AP/lvl -9*MPen -9*flatAD Seals: -9*ASpeed -9*MRegen/lvl -9*AP/lvl -9*flatArmor -9*HP/lvl Glyphs: -9*ASpeed -9*MRegen/lvl -9*flatCDR -9*AP/lvl -9*flatAP -9*flatMRes Quintessences: -3*GP/10 -3*ArPen -3*AP/lvl -1*flatHP -1*flatArmor -3*flatAP -3*flatAD -3*MoveSpeed if you want to know more about the account (including the price) you can PM me here
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