WTS: [NA] S2 Gold Border, S3 Gold IV. 69 Champs, 15 skins( 2 legendary)

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    Hey guys, quitting this game for good so I want to sell my account. Original owner. Perfect account if you want to skip bronze and silver and start at gold. Gold IV with 33 points in, has gold frame. Lots of good runes for all roles ( ad, ap, support, jung), w/ 6 rune pages. Skins include: 1. Nurse Akali, 2. Stinger Akali, 3. Amethyst Ashe, 4. Officer Caitlyn, 5. Urfrider Corki, 6. Nottingham Ezreal, 7. Frostblade Irelia, 8. Victorious Janna, 9. Grim Reaper Karthus, 10. Aether Wing Kayle(legendary), 11. Judgement Kayle, 12. Ruthless Pantheon, 13. Redeemed Riven, 14. Magnificient Twisted Fate(legendary), 15. Musketeer Twisted Fate. Gold IV: Champs: i298.photobucket/albums/m...20/champs1.png i298.photobucket/albums/m...20/champs2.png Runes- Marks: i298.photobucket/albums/m...5120/marks.png Seals: i298.photobucket/albums/m...5120/seals.png Glyphs: i298.photobucket/albums/m...120/glyphs.png Quints: i298.photobucket/albums/m...120/quints.png Yeah, new account I just made. If you don't trust me we can use a middle man. Right now looking for ~$165 to sell this account. Payment method with Paypal sent as a gift. : jason.le7 Thanks guys!
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