WTS: (NA) Plat V account! tons of skins, all champs, tons of rune pages.

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    Hello All im here to sell my main account because at the moment i need money. As sad as it is to see my nice account go away, im glad to find someone that will truly enjoy it as much as i did. Okay down to whats on it! there are 6 very nice complete rune pages with tons of variety. Also, there are all champions with a skin on nearly every single champion. unfortunately i am on a spare computer right now and wont be able to log onto my account until thursday so i cannot list every skin possible but some limited ones are riot nasus, championship riven, all harrowing skins of 2012, some christmas skins, veigar/kat of this year. owns about 1/2 the legendary skins including zombie brand, blood lord vladimir, eternum nocturne, legendary kayle skin, pulsefire ezreal, legendary blitz skin, brolaf, and more. as i have spent over 600$ on this amazing account and it is platinum too, i will be looking for offers but please no lowballs! I have dealt with scammers before so please dont even bother, i've been down the past with you before . Also i will only take payments via paypal gifting. POST HERE BEFORE CONTACT OR I WILL IGNORE POST HERE BEFORE CONTACT OR I WILL IGNORE IF YOU DONT HAVE MORE REP THAN ME YOU MUST BE WILLING TO GO FIRST IF YOU DONT HAVE MORE REP THAN ME YOU MUST BE WILLING TO GO FIRST : biggerhanceisgay HERE IS A LIST OF ALL THE SKINS Ahri: Dynasty Akali: Nurse Alistar: Unchained Amumu: Sad Robot / Almost prom king Annie: Reverse Ashe: Amethyst Blitzcrank: Piltover Customs Brand: Cyrocore/ Zombie Caitlyn: Resistance casseiopia: jade fang Chogath: Gentlemen corki: hot rod Darius: bioforge/lord Diana: Dark Valkyrie Mundo: Executioner, Rageborn Elise: deathblossom ezreal: pulsefire , nottingham, frosted, explorer fiddlesticks: surprise party fiora: royal guard , headmistress fizz: atlantean, tundra galio: gatekeeper gankplank: special forces, spooky garen: dreadknight, steel leigion gragas: gragas esq graves: jailbreak graves hecarim: blood knight , headless heimerdinger: snowmerdinger irelia: aviator , frostblade janna: tempest jarvan: darkforge jax:nemesis karma:traditional karthusentakill kassadin: harbringer kassadin, deep one katarina: Sandstorm, Slay belle kayle: unmasked , aeither wing kennen: swamp master, ninja kogmaw: monarch leblanc: prestigious, mistletoe lee sin: traditional, acoylte, dragon fist, muay thai leona: iron solari lulu:bittersweet lux: sorceress, imperial malphite: glacial malzaharverlord maokai: haunted, totemic master yi: assassin miss fortune: road warrior, secret agent mordekaiser: dragon knight morgana: blade mistress nami: koi nasus: riot nautilus: subterran nidalee: leaopard , pharaoh nocturne: frozen terror, eternum nunu: sasquash, nunu bot olaf: brolaf orianna: sewn chaos orianna poppy: blacksmith rammus: molten, frejlord renekton: rune wars rengar: headhunter riven: championship rumble: rumble in the jungle ryze: dark crystal , pirate shaco: royal, masked shen: warlord shyvana: dark flame singed:augmented sion:lumberjack skarner:sandscourge sona:arcade soraka:dryad swain:tryant talon:dragonblade taric: bloodstone teemo: super, panda tristana: firefigher, riot girl, rocketgirl trundle: lil slugger tryndamere:sultan twisted fate:underworld twitch: gangster varus; blight crystal vayne: aristocrat veigar: leprechaun, bad santa vi: neon strike viktor: full machine vladimir: blood lord warwick:firefang wukong: vulcanic, jade dragon xerath: scorched earth xin zhao: winged hussar yorick: pentakill zac:special weapon zed:shockblade ziggs: mad scientist, pool party zyra: wild fire i probably missed a skin or 2 here and there but that are most of them xD. any champions i did not list mean i do own them but just dont own a skin for them will be logging off for the night very soon so leave ur name in here and friend request me! :biggerhanceisgay
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