WTS: NA Lvl 30 League of legends account 1444ELO [ 20 rune pages, 89 champions, 90 skins ]

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    []: jack.harth1 PLEASE POST ON THIS THREAD FIRST. Hey I am taking Serious Offers ONLY for this moderately valuable League of Legends north American Account. Regarding Transaction Methods... I am willing to go first accepting ONLY USD Paypal money for the account. I'd prefer if the buyer was trusted but will make do with any serious buyer. INFORMATION: The account owns the following champions with the following skins (In alphabetical order ): Ahri: Dynasty Ahri Akali: Crimson Akali, Nurse Akali Alistar: Unchained Alistar, Infernal Alistar Amumu: Pharaoh Amumu, Sad Robot Amumu Anivia: Not currently owned Annie: Reverse Annie Ashe: Amethyst Ashe Blitzcrank: Halloween 2011 "Definitely Not Blitzcrank" skin Brand: Vandal Brand, Cryocore Brand Caitlyn: Safari Caitlyn Cassiopeia: Siren Cassiopeia Cho'Gath: Loch Ness Cho'Gath Corki: Hot Rod Corki, Urfrider Corki Darius: Champion not currently owned Diana: Not released as of August 6, 2012. Dr. Mundo: No skins Currently owned Draven: Champion not currently owned Evelynn: No skins currently owned. Ezreal: Frosted Ezreal Fiddlesticks: Fiddle Me Timbers, Surprise Party Fiddlesticks Fiora: No skins currently owned Fizz: Fisherman Fizz Galio: Commando Galio Gangplank: Spooky Gangplank, Minuteman Gangplank Garen: Sanguine Garen. Rugged Garen Gragas: Scuba Gragas (Moderately rare), Vandal Gragas Graves: Jailbreak Graves, Mafia Graves Hecarim: Reaper Hecarim Heimerdinger: Alien Invader Heimerdinger, Blast Zone Heimerdinger Irelia: Infiltrator Irelia Janna: No skins currently owned Jarvan IV: Darkforge Jarvan IV Jax: Vandal Jax, Temple Jax Jayce: Champion not currently owned Karma: No skins currently owned Karthus: Phantom Karthus, Grim Reaper Karthus, Pentakill Karthus Kassadin: Deep One Kassadin Katarina: High Command Katarina Kayle: Viridian Kayle, Judgement Kayle Kennen: Karate Kennen, Arctic Ops Kennen Kog'Maw: Deep Sea Kog'Maw Leblanc: Mistletoe LeBlanc Lee Sin: Acolyte Lee Sin, Dragon Fist Lee Sin Leona: Champion not currently owned Lulu: Champion not currently owned Lux: No skin currently owned Malphite: Shamrock Malphite (Moderately rare), Obsidian Malphite Malzahar: Champion not currently owned Maokai: Festive Maokai (Christmas 2011) Master Yi: Ionia Master Yi Miss Fortune: Champion not currently owned Mordekaiser: Dragon Knight Mordekaiser, Lord Mordekaiser Morgana: No skin currently owned Nasus: Pharaoh Nasus, Dreadknight Nasus Nautilus: No skin currently owned Nidalee: French maid Nidalee Nocturne: Haunting Nocturne (Halloween 2011) Nunu: Demolisher Nunu Olaf: Brolaf Orianna: Champion not currently owned Pantheon: Myrmidon Pantheon, Perseus Pantheon, Glaive Warrior Pantheon Poppy: Battle Regalia Poppy Rammus: Ninja Rammus Renekton: Galactic Renekton, Outback Renekton Riven: Battle Bunny Riven Rumble: Rumble in the Jungle Ryze: Uncle Ryze, Professor Ryze, Dark Crystal Ryze Sejuani: Champion not currently owned Shaco: Workshop Shaco, Asylum Shaco Shen: Yellow Jacket Shen, Warlord Shen Shyvana: Ironscale Shyvana Singed: Surfer Singed, Augmented Singed Sion: Hextech Sion, Warmonger Sion Sivir: Spectacular Sivir (Moderately Rare), Bandit Sivir Skarner: Sandscourge Skarner, Earthrune Skarner Sona: Muse Sona Soraka: Divine Soraka Swain: No skin currently owned Talon: Crimson Elite Talon Taric: Armor of the Fifth Age Taric Teemo: Super Teemo Tristana: Riot Girl Tristana, Buccaneer Tristana Trundle: Lil' Slugger Trundle Tryndamere: Highland Tryndamere, King Tryndamere, Viking Tryndamere, Demonblade Tryndamere Twisted Fate: Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate, The Magnificent Twisted Fate Twitch: Kingpin Twitch, Gangster Twitch Udyr: Primal Udyr Urgot: Giant Enemy Crabgot Varus: Champion not currently owned Vayne: Dragonslayer Vayne, Heartseeker Vayne Veigar: Superb Villain Veigar Viktor: No skin currently owned Vladimir: Blood Lord Vladimir Volibear: Champion not currently owned Warwick: Hyena Warwick Wukong: Volcanic Wukong Xerath: Runeborn Xerath Xin Zhao: Winged Hussar Xin Zhao Yorick: Pentakill Yorick Ziggs: Mad Scientist Ziggs, Major Ziggs Zilean: No skin currently owned Zyra: Wildfire Zyra For this of you who prefer a visual look at the account: Photo Album - Imgur As a very serious seller. I am ONLY interested in VERY serious buyers to pay using a verified paypal account in USD CONTACT INFORMATION!!!!! After posting on this thread. Feel free to add me on : jack.harth1 If you are interested please make me an offer on after posting, thank you, Jack Harth - - - Updated - - - Contact me on if interested
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