WTS: NA LVL 30 Half the champs plus a skin for every champ and more

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    This account has 54 champions ( half the champs), and 50+ skins. 2 champs dont have a skin. Alot of holiday skins, and retired plus a couple legnedary skins. 2 full rune pages and AD and a AP page. Add me on kayaker4life shoot me an offer. - - - Updated - - - akali, amu, anivia, ashe, blitz, brand, diana,elise, eve, ez, fiddle, gp, hec, irelia, janna, jarvan, jax, karthus, kat, kayle, kog, lee, lulu, lux, mak, nid, orianna, pan, poppy, quinn,rammus, rengar, riven, rumble, ryze, shaco, shen, singed, sona, soraka, syndra, teemo, tf, twitch, vi, vlad, xerath, ziggs, zyra skins crimison akali pharoh amu/ sad robot amu noxus hunter anvia/ hextech anivia zombie brand dark diana death elise masquarde eve nottingham ez/ explorer ez/ pulsefire ez surprise fiddle speical force gp reaper hec/ headless hec frostblade irelia frost janna darkforge J4 angler jax/temple jax grim karthus high command kat/ slay bell kat lion dance kog acolyte lee imerpial lux toemic mao/ haunter mao leopard nid/ french nid/ pharoh nid FM rammus ( favorite skin) headhuner rengar championship riven royal shaco/ workshop shaco/ asylum shaco yellow jacket shen arcade sona justica syndra recon teemo/badger teemo/astro teemo/cottontail teemo/super teemo/ panda teemo (all of them) Underworld TF Kingpin twitch/gangster twitch Blood Lord Vlad wildfire zyra - - - Updated - - - bump - - - Updated - - - Bump
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.