WTS: NA LV30 (65 Champs + Some rare skins + normal skins)

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    Account: - IP: 1354, RP: 2003 - Silver Division III S3 - Gold 3v3 S2 (Has banner + Victorious Janna) - # of Champions : 65 Skins: - Victorious Janna (Limited + S2 Gold) - Crimson Akali (Legacy) - Headmistress Fiora (Limited + 2012 Halloween Harrowing) - Slay belle Katarina (Limited + 2012 Snowdown Showdown) - Judgement Kayle (Limited + S1 Veterans) - Haunted Maokai (Limited + 2012 Halloween Harrowing) - Championship Riven (Limited(Rare) + Once per year) Unchained Alistar, Frosted Ezreal, Aviator Irelia, Jaximus, Muay thai Lee sin, Blackthorn Morgana, French maid Nidalee, Royal Shaco, Crimson Elite Talon, Panda Teemo, Bucaneer Tristana, Arclight Varus, Icons: - Gold 3s Icon, Up to tier 4 Icon for Harrowing (5000rp +), S2 Icon, Christmas Urf icon, Christmas Wreath icon, 5man pre-made Lunar revel Icon Runes: (5 Rune Pages) - x1 Razer mark of Precision (Came with razer mouse) - x1 Razer quintessence of Speed (Came with razer mouse) - x9 Armor pen marks - x9 Atkspd marks - x9 Magic pen marks - x9 Attack Damage Marks - x9 Armor seals - x9 Magic resist glyphs - x9 Armor glyphs - x8 Cooldown glyphs - x6 Ability power glyphs - x3 Ability power quints - x3 Atkspd quints - x3 Move speed quints - x2 Armor quints - x1 Attack damage quint Will not accept anything under $100 USD considering the amount of limited content + the amount of RP on it, however negotiations are possible to lower the cost if you are facing problems. PM me your if interested or post in this thread. Will only go first if you are verified, otherwise you will go first and can get a etc. to help boost your confidence.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.