WTS: NA lv 30 S1 gold S2 plat S3 diamond 5. ALL champs 60+ skins

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    SKINS: foxfire ahri nurse akali silverfang akali unchained alistar hextech anivia piltover customs blitz (legendary) vandal brand desperada cassiopeia nightmare chogath urfrider corki lord darius masquerade evelynn (legacy) nottingham ezreal (legacy) pulsefire ezreal (legendary) spectral fiddlesticks nightraven fiora atlantean fizz enchanted galio rugged garen vandal gragas hired gun graves riot graves (limited time) infiltrator irelia victorious janna (season 2 reward) victorious jarvan IV (season 1 reward) jaximus sandstorm katarina judgement kayle (season 1 reward) swampmaster kennen (legacy) arctic ops kennen lion dance kogmaw (legendary) prestigious leblanc traditional lee sin steel legion lux marble malphite obsidian malphite assassin master yi mafia miss fortune infernal mordekaiser (legacy) pharaoh nidalee ravager nocturne brolaf (legendary) bladecraft orianna full metal pantheon scarlet hammer poppy ninja rammus redeemed riven battle bunny riven rumble in the jungle uncle ryze warlord shen surfer singed augmented singed northern front swain renegade talon dragonblade talon recon teemo super teemo riot girl tristana firefighter tristana (legendary) king tryndamere demonblade tryndamere (legendary) muskateer twisted fate crabgot dragonhunter vayne white mage veigar superb villain veigar blood lord vladamir (legendary) runeborn xerath poolparty ziggs Runes and other stuff: This account has 9 rune pages. Im not gonna list all the runes but basically its got normal ap/ad runes and i do have some support runes if you really want to see all the runes then I will show you if your actually interested in buying the account. Pm me if interested plz
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.