WTS NA Lv 30 AccountMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Gold Season 2, Silver 3 Season 3 60 Champs 6045 IP 772 RP 6 Rune Pages Marks: x9 0.91 Armor, x9 1.3 Armor Pen, x9 0.95 Physical Dmg, x5 1.7 Attack Speed, 2.2 Crt Dmg Seals: x9 1.4 Armor, x9 0.25 Gold per 10, x18 Mana Regen/5, x9 19 Health at level 18 Glyphs: x10 1.2 Ability Power, x9 0.64% Attack Speed, x9 0.83% Cooldown, x9 1.3 Magic Resist Quintessences: x1 2.6 Armor Pen, x3 2.3 Physical Dmg, x3 1.0 Gold per 10, x3 26 Health, x3 2.0 Magic Pen, x1 49 Health at level 18, x1 1.5 Move Speed. 39 skins Legacy/Legendary:14 Green = Legacy Skin; Orange = Legendary Skin; Red = Limited Edition (Holiday) Skin Akali: Stinger Alistar: Unchained Annie: Prom Queen Ashe: Freljord Ashe Caitlyn: Sheriff Caitlyn Cho'Gath: Nightmare Cho'Gath, Loch Ness Cho'Gath Evelynn: Shadow Evelynn Fiddle Sticks: Surprise Party, Dark Candy Cane Fiora: Royal Guard, Nightraven Fizz: Fisherman Fizz Hecarim: Headless Hecarim Irelia: Frostblade Janna: Frost Queen, Victorious Karma: Traditional Karma Katarina: Slay Belle Kayle: Judgment Kayle Leblanc: Prestigious, Mistletoe Lux: Sorceress, Steel Legion Maokai: Festive Maokai Nidalee: Leopard, French Maid, Bewitching, Head Hunter Shaco: Asylum Sona: Guqin, Arcade Taric: Emerald Tristana: Riot Girl Twisted Fate: Jack of Hearts, Underworld Twitch: Kingpin Veigar: White Mage, Bad Santa Leave offers please~!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.