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    Account is level 30 as mentioned in title, 202 wins on it (can't see exact ratio due to ladder changes, but the 202 wins is in gold if that helps at all? I know I have less losses than wins) Leftover RP: 142 Leftover IP: 2200 Heroes I have (and skins they have with them) - Akali - Crimson, Stinger skins Alistar Amumu - Pharaoh skin Anivia - Noxus hunter, Team Spirit skins Annie - Goth annie, LEGENDARY Frostfire Skin Ashe - Freljord skin Blitzcrank Caitlyn - Sheriff skin Cho'Gath - Nightmare skin Corki Dr. Mundo - Toxic skin Evelynn Ezreal - Nottingham skin Fiddlesticks Galio - Hextech skin Gangpank Garen Gragas Heimerdinger Janna Jax Karthus - Phantom skin Kassadin Katarina - Bilgewater skin Kayle - Judgment skin Kennen - Swamp master skin LeBlanc - Wicked skin, Prestigious skin Lux - Spellthief skin, Sorceress skin Malphite Malzahar Master Yi Miss Fortune - Cowgirl skin Mordekaiser - Dragon knight, Infernal skin Morgana Nasus Nidalee - French maid, Pharaoh skin Nunu Olaf Pantheon - Myrmidon, Perseus skin Poppy Rammus Renekton - Galactic skin, Outback skin Ryze - Tribal skin Shaco - Royal skin Shen - Frozen skin, Yellow Jacket skin Singed Sion Sivir Siona Soraka Swain Taric Teemo - Badger skin Tristana - Riot girl skin Tryndamere Twisted Fate - Jack of hearts skin Twitch Udyr Urgot - Butcher skin, Giant Enemy Crabgot skin Vayne Veigar - White mage skin Vladimir - Marquis skin Warwick - Urf the Manatee skin Xin Zhao Zilean I DO NOT HAVE: Brand Cassiopeia Irelia Karma Kog'Maw Leona Maokai Nocturne Orianna Riven Rumble Skarner Talon Trundle Wukong Xerath Yorick Marks - x3 0.52% Crit chance x6 1.7% attack speed x5 2.2% crit dmg x9 0.95 Magic Pen x9 0.93 crit chance Seals - x2 0.42% attack speed x1 0.23% crit chance x3 0.76% attack speed x10 0.42% crit chance x10 0.41 mana regen/5 sec x1 1.7 magic resist at level 18 x4 0.43 health regen/5 sec x6 19 health at level 18 Glyphs - x1 0.35% attack speed x1 0.15% crit chance x9 0.65% cooldown x6 3.1 ability power at level 18 x4 0.56% crit damage x1 26 mana at level 18 x1 0.28% crit chance Quintessences x1 1.0% crit chance x1 2.5 Physical damage at level 18 x1 3.4% attack speed x3 1.9 Magic pen x1 5.0 ability power x1 -5.00% time dead The account has had probably a total of around $200 invested into it, and a crapton of time. Sorry if the post formatting is a bit crappy, but I figure this is the best way to give all the information I can If interested and want to discuss price or what not, you can contact me via email (which I do answer near instantly) or MSN - lucentoid
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