WTS: NA level30 account 61 heros-alot of skins-SilverV-Original Email and owner.

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    This account is ranked Silver Five Beta Corki Skin Kitty Cat Kat Candyn Cane MF Re-gifted Amumu Contact me via : Cartormech for more info. alot of runes also, one for each role. --CHAMPION LIST-- Akali (BloodMoon Akali) Alistar (Golden Alistar) Amumu (Re-Gifted Amumu - christmas skin) Annie Ashe (queen ashe) Cassiopeia (Desperada Cassiopeia) Cho'Gath (Nightmare Cho) Corki (Ufo Corki-beta skin, UrfRider) Diana Dr. Mundo Elise Evelynn Gangplank (Minuteman Gangplank) Garen Irelia (Aviator Irelia) Janna (Tempest Janna) Jarvan IV (Commando Jarvan) Jax (Temple Jax) Kassadin (Harbinger Kassadin) Katarina (Kitty cat kat,Halloween skin) Kayle (BattleBorn Kayle, Judgment Kayle) LeBlanc Lee Sin (Traditional LeeSin) Lulu Lux (Sorceress Lux) Malphite (Coral Reef Malphite) Master Yi (Ionia Master Yi) Miss Fortune (Candy Cane-Christmas SKin) Mordekaiser (PentaKill Morde) Morgana (Exiled Morgana) Nasus Nidalee (French Maid Nidalee) Nocturne (Frozen Terror Nocturne) Nunu (Grungy Nunu) Orianna Pantheon (Perseus Pantheon) Poppy (Noxus Poppy) Rumble Ryze Shaco Shen (Surgeon Shen) Singed Sion Sivir Sona (Pentakill Sona) Soraka Taric (Armor of the Fifth age taric) Teemo (Astronaut Teemo) Tristana (Buccaneer Tristana) Trundle (Lil' Slugger Trundle) Tryndamere (Highland Tryndamere) Twiested Fate (Jack of Hearts TF) Twitch Varus Vayne (Aristocrat Vayne) Veigar Warwick (Tundra Hunter Warwick) Wukong (Volcanic Wukong) Xin Zhao (Commando Xin Zhao) Zed Zilean
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.