WTS: NA Level 30 Season 2 Gold, Season 3 Silver 5 Account

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    I need to quit this game to focus on school work and such and am unable to do so while I own the account. Most offers will be considered. I will provide screenshots and such if needed when i start getting offers. Currently has 724 Rp and 1957 Ip I own every champion except the following: Brand Diana Draven Fiora Heimerdinger Jarvan 4 Karma Malzahar Nami Rammus Sejuani Swain Syndra Talon Thresh Trundle Varus Vi Victor Vladamir Yorick Zed List of Skins I Have: Mecha Kha Zix Nemisis Jax Foxfire Ahri DarkFlame Shyvana FrostBlade Irelia Gatekeeper Galio Battlecast Urgot Thunderlord Volibear Tundra Fizz Ironscale Shyvana Redeemed Riven Dragon Slayer Vayne Bloodfury Renekton Defender Leona Totemic Maokai Lion Dance Kog Maw Sinful Succulence Morgana Statue of karthus Galactic nasus Noxus Hunter Anivia Crimson Akali Pharoah Amumu Riot Grave Victorious Janna Sonoran Kog Maw Festive MaoKai Riot Nasus Championship Riven The 2 Free Riot Skins of course 11 Rune Pages Reds 9 Armor Pen 9 Flat AD 9 Attack Speed 9 Magic Pen Yellows 2 Gp10 9 Mana per 5 9 Health per level 9 Flat Armor Blues 9 Flat Ap 9 Flat Armor 9 Flat Attack Speed 9 Flat MR 9 MR per Level 9 Attack Speed Quints 3 Movespeed 3 Flat AD 3 Flat AP 3 Armor pen 3 Magic pen 3 Attack Speed 3 Gp10 Serious Offers are appreicated Message me on xxVenexusxx for more info
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.