[WTS] NA level 30 lol acct 94 champ, 9 rune pages, Tons of runes, and skins.

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    level 30 League of legends account has all but the last champ coming out fiora and the new one up and coming. Tons of money put into this accout only thing you need to do with this account once getting it is keep playing here and there to keep up with the champs coming out.DETAILED INFO ABOUT ACCOUNT BELOW SKIN LIST FURTHER DOWN. Asking price 250.00 p.m. with serious offers only. (Will do transaction over will be money first) 94 champions 9 rune pages Runes Marks(red) tier 3 1.7% attack speed x9 1.7 armor pen x9 2.2% crit dmg x9 0.95 magic pen x9 0.93% crit chance x9 2.4 physical dmg at level 18 x9 0.95 physical dmg x3 Seals(yellow) 0.76% attack speed x10 1.2 mana regen / 5 at level 18 x9 2.7 armor at level 18 x9 1.9 ability power at level 18 x9 0.78% crit dmg x9 0.42% crit chance x9 1.1 physical dmg at level 18 x9 2.0 health regen / 5 at level 18 x9 1.4 armor x9 19 health at level 18 x9 Glyphs(blue) 0.64% attack speed x9 0.65% cooldown x9 3.1 ability power at level 18 x9 0.56% crit dmg x9 0.57 magic pen x9 0.28% crit chance x9 0.73 physical dmg at level 18 x9 2.7 magic resist at level 18 x9 Quintessences 3.4% attack speed x3 3.3 armor pen x3 7.8 ability power at level 18 x3 26 health x3 4.5% crit dmg x3 1.9 magic pen x3 1.9% crit chance x3 4.5 physical dmg at level 18 x3 5.0 ability power x3 2.3 physical dmg x3 1.5% move speed x3 57 Skins Unchained alistar little knight amumu noxus hunter anivia annie in wonderland nightmare cho'gath executioner mundo masquerade evelynn nottingham ezreal explorer ezreal spectral fiddlesticks enchanted galio minuteman gangplank sanguine garen dreadknight garen blast zone heimerdinger hextech janna dragon slayer jarvan iv grim reaper karthus pre-void kassadin judgment kayle prestigious leblanc shadow prince malzahar djinn malzahar totemic maokai ionia master yi dragon knight mordekaiser infernal mordekaiser lord mordekaiser pharaoh nasus void nocturne sasquatch nunu grungy nunu forsaken olaf glacial olaf sewn chaos orianna myrmidon pantheon molten rammus tribal ryze royal shaco barbarian sion warrior princess sivir astronaut teemo king tryndamere the magnificent twisted fate tango twisted fate kingpin twitch black belt udyr primal udyr giant enemy crabgot butcher urgot barron von veigar count vladimir nosferatu vladimir tundra hunter warwick undertaker yorick shurima desert zilean time machine zilean
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