WTS: NA Level 30 DIAMOND V with all PAX SKINS (INCLUDING PAX TF) & Silver Kayle

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    Hey guys, I'm quitting LoL so I can buy a new laptop LOL. So I need the money within a month. Anyways this account is level 30 on NA Diamond 5. It has all the champions up to date (including Quinn and Thresh) The account comes with full info (Email, registration, and etc) I am going to use a MIDDLE MAN (I'm paying for it) notable skins: Pax Sivir, Pax Jax, and PAX TWISTED FATE. I also have Silver Kayle The skins I have are: Ahri: Firefox Akali: Blood moon and Crimson (legacy) Alistar: Unchained Amumu: Pharaoh Anivia: Bird of prey Annie: Panda Annie Ashe: Queen Ashe Blitzcrank: Piltovercustoms (legendary) Corki: Red Baron (Legacy/legendary) and Dragonrider Darius: Bioforge Diana: Dark Valkyrie Draven: Soul Reaver Ezreal: Pulsefire Ezreal (Theme) Nottingham (Legacy) and frosted. Fiddlesticks: Dark Candy (limited edition winter) Garen: Steel Legion Gragas: ESQ Grag Graves: Mafia Graves Irelia: Aviator and frostblade Jarvan: Warring kingdom Jax: Nemesis Jayce: Full Metal Karthus: Phantom Katarina: Slaybelle (limited edition winter) and sandstorm Kayle: Aetherwing (legendary) KhaZix: Mecha Kogmaw: Lion dance (legendary) Lee Sin: Dragonfist Leona: Iron Solari Lux: Steel Legion Malphite: Glacial Malzahar: Overlord Miss Fortune: Secret Agent Morganna: Blackthorn Nidalee: Pharaoh Olaf: Brolaf (legendary) Orianna: Bladecraft Pantheon: Full metal Riven: Battle bunny Shaco: Asylum Shen: Surgeon Shen, Warlord. Sona: Guqin and Arcade Tristana: Firefighter (Legendary/legacy) Twisted Fate: Tango Twitch: Kingpin (legacy) and gangster Vayne: Dragonslayer Veigar: Whitemage, greybeard, and bad santa (limited edition winter) Wukong: General and fire. Xerath: Scorched earth. XinZhao: WarringKingdom Yorick: Undertaker Ziggs: Pool party I also have 6 runes pages and the runes I have are for ADC, AP CARRIES, SUPPORT, and ARMOR PEN. If you are interested leave your and offer here.
Thread Status:
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