[WTS] [NA] level 30 account with all Characters and 226 skins...

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    This account is a level 30 with 668 normal wins, and a 1400 Elo Ranked. Included are all the champions currently out right now and most of the skins ever released, including all the Vancouver Olympics skin, Urfwick skin. Akali- 5 out of all 5 skins released owned. Alistar- 3 out of 4 of his skins owned. Amumu- 5 out of 6 skins owned, including packaged and Olympic skin. Anivia- 3 out of 4 skins owned. Annie- 4 out of 5 skins owned including the legendary skin. Ashe- 4 out of 4 skins owned. Blitzcrank- as well 4 out of 4 skins owned. Brand- All skins owned (2 of 2). Caitkyn- 3 out of 3 skins owned. Cassiopeia- 2 out of 2 skins owned. Cho- all skins owned (3 out of 3) Corki- 4 out of the 5 skins are owned, missing red baron, but I have the toboggan skin. Mundo- 4 out of 5 owned, corporate is owned. Eve- All skins are owned (3out of 3) Ezreal- All skins owned 4 out of 4. Fiddle- 3 out of 5 skins owned. Galio- 1 out of the 3 skins owned. Gangplank- 3 out of the 3 skins are owned. Garen- all four skins are bought Gragas- only 1 out of the 4 skins owned Heimer- 1 out of the 3 skins owned. Irelia- both skins are owned. Janna- two out of two owned Jarvan: Both skins owned Jax: 4 of the 5 skins owned Karma: Both skins owned Karthus- 2 of the 3 skins owned Kassadin- 3 of the 4skins owned Kat- all 5 skins owned Kayle- missing one skin, so I have 3 of the 4 skins Kennen: Own all 4 of his skins. Kog- only missing the Christmas skin, but own 4 of 5 skins Le Blanc- own both of her skins. Leesin- own both skins Leona- Own both skins also. Lux- own all 3 skins Malph- own 2 of the 3 skins Malz- own all 3 of his skins Maokai- Own both skins Master Yi- Own all 4 skins Miss Fortune- Own all 5 skins Mord- Own all 4 skins Morganna- Own all 3 skins Nasus- own 2 of his 3 skins Nid- Own 3 of her 4 skins Nocturne- have 2 of the 3 skins Nunu- Own all his skins, which include rare workshop skin and Nunu Bot Olaf- 2 of his 3 skins owned Orianna- both skins owned Pantheon- All skins owned (3) Poppy- 2 of her 5 skins owned Rammus- 4 of the five skins unlocked Renekton- Both skins owned Rummble- Both skins owned Ryze- 2 of his 6 skins unlocked Shaco- All 4 skins owned Shen- All 4 skins unlocked Singed- 2 of the 3 skins are unlocked Sion- 3 of his 4 skins owned Sivir- 3 of her 4 skins owned Sona- All 3 owned Soroka- Both skins owned Swain-have both skins Taric- 1 out of 2 skins owned Teemo- 4 of his 5 skins owned Tristana- 3 of her 5 skins owned Trundle- Both skins owned Tryndamere- All 3 skins owned Twisted Fate- 4 of his 5 skins unlocked Twitch- 3 skins of the 5 owned Udyr- Both skins owned Urgot- Both skins owned Vayne- Both skins owned Veigar- 3 of his 5 skins owned Vlad- All 4 skins owned Warwick- 3 of his 6 skins owned Xin- 2 of the 4 skins unlocked Yorick- Both skins owned Zil- 2 of his 4 skins are owned WuKong- no skins owned xD
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