WTS NA League of Legends Account-S1 Gold-S2 Plat-S3 plat

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    So i have an NA account that is currently Plat IV in Solo q(can get higher if you want), gold in 3s, diamond in 5s on NA server. It was plat last season in 3s and 5s and gold in solo q and was also gold in season 1. It has EVERY champ, over 100 skins, 20 rune pages, and almost all the runes. The account has over 2800 normal wins as well. It has a few of the special summoner icons, not all but a good amount of them. I will list some of the skins on here for you and i can list them all if you would like. "Special Skins" - Pax Jax, Riot Graves, Pax Singed, UFO Corki, Pumpkin head fiddlesticks, Snowmerdinger, Pulse Fire Ezreal, Victorious J4 (only for gold/plat players S1 so only a couple thousand players got it!), Full metal Rammus, Arcade Sona, Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao. Legendary Skins - Red Baron Corki, Lion Dance Kog, Eternum Nocturne Please PM me on here or email me at [email protected] to talk numbers. Thanks! - - - Updated - - - Bump! - - - Updated - - - BUMP - - - Updated - - - BUMP - - - Updated - - - Would like a little over 500 for the account so dont ask unless you are willing to pay that much, it has more more than that in just skins. - - - Updated - - - bump
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.