WTS: NA league of legends account 60+ champions 20+ skins BRONZE for this season

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    Hi i'm selling my League of legends account which has 1 legendary skin and many other cool skins. This season it is ranked Bronze First division sadly ;x. But it has many champions skins runes etc. The price is 50 euros. you can add me in marto6269. Now, I'd like to be paid via bank because I have no idea how to use paypal and tbh I don't trust it and be paid in advance as the last time i trusted someone with this my other LoL account got stolen and of course i got it back but it's still a nasty experience. Anyways this is NOT a scam I just got bored of league of legends and i'm gonna play DoTa 2. P.S. The legendary skin i was talking about is - Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath P.S. Paid in advance means I want to see the money go into my bank account before i can give you the username and password, I know most of you people will be very skeptical of my offer but It's going to take a little bit of trust, again this is not a scam and whoever is interested just add me in if i'm offline ill add you later and so on =) I'm new in the website so I don't have any feedback and I will not invest 10 bucks because it's stupid if you ask me, any scammer can pay 10 bucks to steal accounts and stuff. Anyway, the key thing in this offer is trust and believe me i got scammed enough i know how many kids are out there scamming people. Well I am different this i can guarantee and I do take offers for other safe ways to be paid just not paypal because it's retarded you can get scammed very easily with it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.