WTS: NA League Account, Rare Skins, Tons of Legendaries, OVER 150 SKINS

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    I want to sell my Level 30 League of Legends account. I have all champions. I own 12 Rune Pages There is currently 4500 IP and 360 RP on the account. The Following Skins for their respective champions: Ahri- Midnight and Foxfire Akali- Stinger, Bloodmoon, Silverfang Alistar- Golden, Longhorn, Unchained, Infernal Amumu- Pharoah, Little Night, Almost Prom King, Sad Robot Anivia- Hextech Annie- Goth, FrostFire Ashe- Queen, Amethyst Blitzcrank- Boom Boom Blitz, Piltover Customs (Legendary) Brand- Apocalyptic, Vandal, Zombie (Legendary and Limited/Halloween) Caitlyn- Resistance Cassiopeia- Siren Cho'Gath- Nightmare(Limited), Gentlemen (Legendary), Loch Ness Corki- UFO(Limited Edition/Never purchasable again) Hot Rod Darius- Bioforge Diana- Dark Valkyrie Dr. Mundo- Toxic (Limited) Rageborn Draven- Soul Reaver Elise- N/A Evelynn- Masquerade Ezreal- Frosted, Pulsefire (Ultimate Skin, Most expensive bracket.) Fiddlesticks- Spooky, Fiddle me Timbers, Surprise Party (Legendary) Fiora- NightRaven, Royal Guard Fizz- Atlantean, Tundra Galio- Enchanted, Hextech, Gatekeeper (Legendary) Gangplank- Spooky, Minuteman, Toy Soldier (Limited Edition/Christmas) Garen- N/A Gragas- Scuba, Gragas Esquire Graves- Hired Gun, Jailbreak, Mafia, RIOT(Code only, Special playerup) Hecarim- Headless Hecarim (Limited/Halloween) Heimerdinger- Snowmerdinger (Limited/Christmas) Irelia- Nightblade, Infiltrator, Frostblade Janna- Tempest, Frost Queen, Hextech Jarvan IV- Commando, Darkforge, Warring Kingdoms(Lu Bu) Jax- Jaximus, Nemesis Jayce- Full Metal, Debonair (Valentines Day) Karma- Sakura, Traditional (Cannot buy) Karthus- Phantom, Pentakill Kassadin- Deep One Katarina- Mercenary, Bilgewater, Sandstorm, Slay Belle (Limited/Christmas) Kayle- Unmasked, Battleborn, Judgement (Cannot Buy), Aether Wing (Legendary) Kennen- Deadly, Swamp Master, Arctic Ops Kha'zix- Mecha (Pseudo Legendary) Kog'maw- Lion Dance (Legendary) Leblanc- N/A Lee Sin- Traditional, Dragon Fist (Bruce Lee themed) Leona- Valkyrie, Iron Solari Lulu- Wicked, Dragon Trainer (Psuedo Legendary) Lux- Spell Thief, Imperial, Steel Legion Malphite- Obsidian, Glacial Malzahar- Djinn Maokai- Totemic, Festive (Limited/Christmas), Haunted (Limited/Halloween) Master Yi- Headhunter Miss Fortune- Cowgirl, Waterloo, Mordekaiser- Lord Mordekaiser Morgana- Blackthorn Nami- Koi Nasus- Galactic, Riot K-9 Nasus (Event Card) Nautilus- Abyssal, Subterranean Nidalee- Leopard, Pharoah Nocturne- Frozen Terror, Haunting (Limited/Halloween) Nunu- Demolisher Olaf- Forsaken, Brolaf (Legendary) Orianna- Bladecraft Pantheon- Myrmidon Poppy- Battle Regalia, Scarlet Hammer Quinn- Phoenix Rammus- N/A Renekton- Galactic, Outback, Rune Wars Rengar- Headhunter Riven- Redeemed, Crimson Elite, Battle Bunny (Easter), Championship (Season 2 Championship Limited Edition/Cannot Buy) Rumble- Rumble in the Jungle Ryze- Dark Crystal Ryze Sejuani- N/A (Will Receive Traditional Sejuani upon rework) Shaco- Asylum Shen- Frozen, Warlord Shyvana- Ironscale, Boneclaw, Darkflame Singed- Augmented, Surfer, Riot Squad (Limited/Cannot Buy) Sion- Lumberjack, Warmonger Sivir- PAX Sivir (Event Card, Cannot buy ingame) Skarner- Sandscourge, Earthrune Sona- Guqin, Arcade Soraka- Dryad, Divine Swain- Northern Front, Tyrant Syndra- N/A Talon- Renegade, Crimson Elite Taric- Armor of the Fifth Age (Awesome Pink Taric), Bloodstone Teemo- Badger, Astronaut(Legendary) Thresh- Deep Terror Tristana- Riot Girl Trundle- Lil' Slugger, Will receive Traditional Trundle upon rework Tryndamere- Demonblade (Legendary) Twisted Fate- High Noon Twitch- Kingpin, Gangster Udyr- Black Belt, Primal Urgot- Battlecast Varus- Blight Crystal, Arclight Vayne- Aristocrat Veigar- Veigar Greybeard, Baron Von Veigar Vi- Neon Strike Viktor- N/A Vladimir- Count, Marquis, Blood Lord(Legendary) Volibear- Thunderlord, Northern Storm Warwick- Firefang, Urf the Manatee (Unobtainable, Higher then Ultimate tier) Wukong- Volcanic, General Xerath- Battlecast Xin Zhao- Commando, Imperial, Winged Hussar Yorick- Undertaker Zac- N/A Zed- N/A Ziggs- Mad Scientist, Major, Pool Party Zilean- Shurima Desert Zyra- Wildfire 198 Skins 33 Limited The following runes: Marks (Reds): 9x Armor 9x Armor Pen 9x Physical Dmg 9x Attack Speed 9x Hybrid Pen 9x Magic Pen 9x Magic Resist Seals (Yellows): 9x Armor 9x Gold Per 10 9x AP per Level 9x 19 Health at level 18 9x 21 Mana at level 18 9x Mana Regen Per 5 at level 18 Glyphs (Blues): 9x Ability Power 9x Attack Speed 9x Magic Resist 9x Mana Regen per 5 9x 3 AP at Lvl 18 9x 1.1% CDR at Lvl 18 9x 2.7 MR at Lvl 18 Quintessences: 3x AP 3x Armor 3x Armor Pen 3x Physical Dmg 3x Attack Speed 3x 2%XP Bonus 3x Gold per 10 3x Health 3x 2.7 Health Per 5 3x Lifesteal Bonus 3x Magic Pen 3x Magic Resist 3x Move Speed 3x CDR at Lvl 18 3x Spellvamp Post offers! - - - Updated - - - Bump! - - - Updated - - - Bump!
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