Wts: Na gold 4 account 12 legendary+other rare skins 108 champs 17 rune pages

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    Hey guys, I want to sell my League of Legends account as I am looking to buy a better one with the money. The account is currently in Gold 4 for solo queue. It has every champion other than Viktor, Heim, and Nami, and there are many rare skins on the account. There are enough runes for 95% of champions in every role, missing only a few. Currently sitting on 283 RP and 383 IP. Never been banned before, and I am the original owner. It is Gold S2 in Ranked 5s, and Silver S2 in solo queue. I will list the skins below. Bolded skins are rare. Skins Akali: Nurse Akali, Blood Moon Akali, Silverfang Akali Alistar: Golden Alistar Amumu: Emumu, Sad Robot Amumu Anivia: Bird of Prey Anivia, Hextech Anivia Annie: Reverse Annie Caitlyn: Safari Caitlyn, Officer Caitlyn Cassiopeia: Desperada Cassiopeia Cho'Gath: Gentleman Cho'Gath Corki: Urfrider Corki Darius: Lord Darius Diana: Dark Valkyrie Diana Dr. Mundo: Corporate Mundo Draven: Soul Reaver Draven, Gladiator Draven Elise: Death Blossom Elise Evelynn: Tango Evelynn Ezreal: Frosted Ezreal, Explorer Ezreal Fiddlesticks: Dark Candy Fiddlesticks Galio: Gatekeeper Galio Gangplank: Spooky Gangplank, Toy Soldier Gangplank Garen: Rugged Garen, Steel Legion Garen Gragas: Gragas Esq., Oktoberfest Gragas Graves: Mafia Graves, Riot Graves Hecarim: Reaper Hecarim, Headless Hecarim Irelia: Infiltrator Irelia, Frostblade Irelia Janna: Victorious Janna Jarvan IV: Commando Jarvan IV, Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV, Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV Jax: Vandal Jax, Angler Jax, Jaximus, Temple Jax, Nemesis Jax Jayce: Full Metal Jayce, Debonair Jayce Karthus: Statue of Liberty Karthus, Grim Reaper Karthus Kassadin: Deep Sea Kassadin, Pre-Void Kassadin, Harbinger Kassadin Katarina: Slay Belle Katarina Kayle: Judgement Kayle, Aether Wing Kayle Kennen: Karate Kennen, Arctic Ops Kennen Kha'Zix: Mecha Kha'Zix Kog'Maw: Lion Dance Kog'Maw, Deep Sea Kog'Maw LeBlanc: Prestigious LeBlanc Lee Sin: Traditional Lee Sin, Acolyte Lee Sin, Dragon Fist Lee Sin, Muay Thai Lee Sin Leona: Iron Solari Leona Lulu: Dragon Trainer Lulu Lux: Steel Legion Lux Malphite: Glacial Malphite Maokai: Charred Maokai Master Yi: Assassin Master Yi, Ionia Master Yi Miss Fortune: Waterloo Miss Fortune, Road Warrior Miss Fortune, Mafia Miss Fortune Mordekaiser: Lord Mordekaiser Nasus: Dreadknight Nasus Nautilus: Subterranean Nautilus Nidalee: French Maid Nidalee Nocturne: Void Nocturne, Frozen Terror Nocturne, Ravager Nocturne Nunu: Nunu Bot Olaf: Glacial Olaf, Brolaf, Pentakill Olaf Pantheon: Myrmidon Pantheon Poppy: Battle Regalia Poppy Quinn: Phoenix Quinn Rammus: Ninja Rammus Renekton: Outback Renekton, Rune Wars Renekton Rengar: Headhunter Rengar Riven: Redeemed Riven, Battle Bunny Riven Ryze: Professor Ryze Shaco: Royal Shaco Shen: Surgeon Shen, Samurai Shen Shyvana: Ironscale Shyvana Singed: Augmented Singed Sion: Lumberjack Sion Skarner: EarthRune Skarner Sona: Pentakill Sona Swain: Tyrant Swain Talon: Renegade Talon, Dragonblade Talon Taric: Armor of the Fifth Age Taric Teemo: Astronaut Teemo Thresh: Deep Terror Thresh Tristana: Buccaneer Tristana, Rocket Girl Tristana Tryndamere: King Trynadmere, Demonblade Tryndamere Twisted Fate: Musketeer Twisted Fate, The Magnificent Twisted Fate Twitch: Gangster Twitch Udyr: Black Belt Udyr, Primal Udyr Urgot: Giant Enemy Crabgot Varus: Blight Crystal Varus, Arclight Varus Vayne: Dragonslayer Vayne, Heartseeker Vayne Veigar: Leprechaun Veigar Vladimir: Blood Lord Vladimir Volibear: Northern Storm Volibear Warwick: Tundra Hunter Warwick, Hyena Warwick Wukong: Jade Dragon Wukong Xerath: Scorched Earth Xerath Xin Zhao: Imperial Xin Zhao, Commando Xin Zhao, Viscero Xin Zhao, Winged Hussar Xin Zhao, Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao Yorick: Undertaker Yorick Zac: Special Weapon Zac Zed: Shockblade Zed Zilean: Time Machine Zilean If anyone is interested, please post on the thread your account and I will add you as soon as possible. This is my first time selling on , so please go easy on me Thanks in advance!
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