WTS: NA DIAMOND ACCOUNT: All Champs, Super Rare Skins, Many Other Unlocks

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    Hi, I am selling a very good NA League of legends account that has a lot of unlocks available. I have only played it season 3, however it is now in DIAMOND V, may be higher if I decide to play on it a bit more. Reason I am selling such an account is that, I do not have time to play League of Legends anymore, real life and work takes precedent and that now I have a family, it is impossible to keep up. Disclaimer: 1) I have gotten banned for 3 days once and only once, back in the days of leveling this account to 30. Got completely trolled by my team, and got report trolled too. Shame I was cursing back at them, otherwise I think it would ave been just ignored. That’s about it. 2) I have used all 3 refunds 3) I am the original owner and will provide the original email and full information upon transaction Now for what the account has: 1) All Champions Unlocked – yes all of them, up until the date of this post including Zac 2) 15 Rune Pages Unlocked – with more than enough AD/AP/Jungle/Armor or anything else you can think of runes bought and purchased. I’ve already customized and you may keep them as they are, or you may change it. 3) 10,000+ RP available to be spent 4) There a couple thousand IP available to collect dust, because you probably won’t use them anymore 5) Plenty of Skins (listed later) – rare ones include PAX Twisted Fate, Championship Riven, and more! (The two listed have been consistently sold on playerup.com for around $200 and $120 respectively, prices will increase as supply dwindles to nil) Skins Available (Bold are rare or legendary): 1. Firefox Ahri 2. Bloodmoon Akali 3. Unchained Alistar 4. Hextech Anivia 5. Panda Annie 6. iBlitzcrank 7. Dark Valkyrie Diana 8. Pulsefire Ezreal 9. Frostblade Irelia 10. Warring Kingdoms Jarvan 11. Pax Jax 12. Full Metal Jayce 13. Traditional Karma 14. Aether Wing Kayle 15. Full Metal Khazix 16. Dragon Fist Lee Sin 17. Iron Solari Leona 18. Dragon Trainer Lulu 19. Steel Legion Lux 20. Blackthorn Morgana 21. Koi Nami 22. Pharoah Nasus 23. French Maid Nidalee 24. Headhunter Nidalee 25. Eternum Nocturn 26. Bladecraft Oriana 27. Full Metal Pantheon 28. Battle Regalia Poppy 29. Phoenix Quinn 30. Championship Riven 31. Ironscale Shyvanna 32. Augmented Singed 33. Pax Sivir 34. Arcade Sona 35. Celestine Soraka 36. Tyrant Swain 37. Riot Girl Tristana 38. Pax Twisted Fate 39. Medieval Twitch 40. Arclight Varus 41. Heartseeker Vayne 42. Neon Strike Vi 43. Grey Warwick 44. Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao 45. Special Weapon Zac 46. Wildfire Zyra 47. Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath I think there are more but these are the ones I can remember! Runes Owned: 9x Red Magic Pen 9x Red AP 9x Red Armor 9x Red Armor Pen 9x Red Dmg 9x Red Attack Speed 9x Yellow Armor 9x Yellow AP 9x Yellow Dmg 9x Scaling Blue MR 9x Blue AP 9x Blue Armor 9x Blue Dmg 3x AP Quints 3x Armor Quints 3x Armor Pen Quints 3x Dmg Quints 3x Attack Speed Quints 3x GP5 Quints 3x Magic Pen Quints 3x Move Speed Quints 3x 2% Spellvamp Quints &more random ones I don't use so often... lulz I require that you contact me through here and ask for my or other mode of communication. I will not sell it to you unless I get to know you first. I prefer the payment to come through Paypal. I am a very safe trader, and prefer you to be a smart buyer as well, so definitely feel free to ask me any questions you have. Good luck ladies and gentlemen.
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