WTS NA ASMO LVL50 Temp/ 33 ranger / 43 Cleric

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    *This Account has a 50 Temp, 33 ranger, 43 cleric, 30 sorc *All toons come with a name change card. *This account has 29mil *2 toons are master in a craft weaponsmith and handicraft *This account is on collectors edition, the account has been active since beta. *I have uploaded screen shots in a post below, more screen shots are available upon request LvL 50 Templar Weapons +2 Hutkin’s Greatsword w/ Bollvig's Tragedy (blind) +10 Kurngalfberg Protector’s Warhammer w/ Vidar's Dignity (paralyze) Shield is RM-56A Armor Steel Beard Pirate’s Breastplate Steel Beard Pirate’s Plate Pauldrons Bakarma Elite’s Plate Greaves Azoturan Elite’s Gauntlets (also has Steel Beard Pirate's Gauntlets) Steel Beard Pirate’s Plate Boots Accessories Teirunerk’s Chaperon Helm (also has Triumphant Helm) Noble Fancy Ruby Necklace 2x Steel Beard Pirate’s Diamond Earrings 2x Elizer’s Diamond Ring Otherworldly Leather Belt lvl 40 veteran wings has 12.4% Enmity Boost Also comes with Flight time set 449 Weaponsmithing lvl 33 Ranger he's 449 handicrafter Weapon Star Dragon’s Bow Armor Star Dragon’s Jerkin Noble Star Dragon’s Leather Pauldrons Star Dragon’s Leather Leggings Star Dragon’s Leather Gloves Noble Star Dragon’s Leather Shoes Accessories Star Dragon’s Gold Glasses lvl 43 cleric green and blue gear but she is wearing the fire spirit helm (protector's mark) she also has 20% speed boots lvl 30 Sorc 4 Deavanation pieces Weapon Beast’s Tome Armor Shrewd Tunic Shrewd Pauldrons Shrewd Legging Dispassionate Gloves Shrewd Shoes Accessories Restless Headband Aquamarine Necklace Amethyst Earrings Amethyst Earrings Noble Amethyst Ring Noble Amethyst Ring Nereus’s Cloth Belt Send me private message if interested
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