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    Trading Process: 1. Paypal only (sent as a gift to family/friends). I am Paypal Verified. 2. Please make sure to request screenshare so that you can verify it is me and that the account content is accurate. 3. You will have to go first, or we can use a trusted from (buyer is responsible for any MM fees). 4. Add me on : crunchy.one and be sure to post your on here as well so I can verify who you are. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Account #1: S3 Rank: Silver 1 (I can get Gold V if requested, but there will be an additional charge) Champs: 98 IP: 8947 Rune Pages: 5 [Full AD/AP/Jungle Pages] Skins: Midnight Ahri Unchained Alistar Hextech Anivia Prom Queen Annie Amethyst Ashe Definitely Not Blitzcrank (Harrowing) Safari Caitlyn (Legacy) Sheriff Caitlyn Urfrider Corki Frosted Ezreal Dark Candy Fiddlesticks (Snowdown) Surprise Party Fiddlesticks[ Esquire Gragas Hired Gun Graves Piltover Heimerdinger Snowmerdinger (Snowdown) Infiltrator Irelia Nightblade Irelia Traditional Karma Grim Reaper Karthus Harbinger Kassadin Sandstorm Katarina Judgment Kayle Arctic Ops Kennen Swamp Kennen (Legacy) Deep Sea Kog'Maw Acolyte Lee Sin Traditional Lee Sin Sorceress Lux Overlord Malzahar Headhunter Master Yi Secret Agent Miss Fortune Dragon Knight Mordekaiser (Legacy) Pharaoh Nidalee Bewitching Nidalee (Harrowing) Haunting Nocturne (Harrowing)[ Outback Renekton Dark Crystal Ryze Professor Ryze (Harrowing) Sabretusk Sejuani Royal Shaco Hextech Sion (Legacy) Bandit Sivir Dragonblade Talon Astronaut Teemo (Legendary) Guerilla Tristana Riot Girl Tristana Musketeer Twisted Fate Tango Twisted Fate Highland Tryndamere Battlecast Urgot Aristocrat Vayne Superb Villain Veigar White Mage Veigar Blood Lord Vladimir (Legendary) Battlecast Xerath Groovy Zilean (Legacy) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Account #2: S3 Rank: Unranked (no games played) Champs: 60 RP: 1033 IP: 1718 Rune Pages: 4 [Full AD/AP Pages] Skins: Stinger Akali Matador Alistar Reverse Annie iBlitzcrank Blitzcrank Red Baron Corki Bandito Fiddlesticks Spectral Fiddlesticks Desert Garen Hillbilly Gragas Hired Gun Graves Blast Zone Heimerdinger Temple Jax Sakura Karma Judgment Kayle Arctic Ops Kennen Karate Kennen Dragon Fist Lee Sin Overlord Malzahar Assassin Master Yi Samurai Master Yi Pharaoh Nasus Pharaoh Nidalee Ravager Nocturne Demolisher Nunu Myrmidon Pantheon Galactic Renekton Outback Renekton Redeemed Riven Asylum Shaco Royal Shaco Boneclaw Shyvana Lumberjack Sion Earthrune Skarner Guqin Sona Muse Sona Renegade Talon Badger Teemo Vikings Tryndamere Vandal Twitch Primal Udyr Aristocraft Vayne Leprauchan Veigar General Wukong Winged Hussar Xin Zhao Pentakill Yorick ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Account #3: S3 Rank: Bronze I (soon to be Silver V) Champs: 36 IP: 1234 Rune Pages: 2 [Full AD/AP Pages] Skins: Midnight Ahri Longhorn Alistar Unchain Alistar Desperado Cassiopeia Frosted Ezreal Blood Knight Hecarim Reaper Hecarim Frostblade Irelia Arctic Ops Kennen Jurassic Kog'maw Prestigious Leblanc Dragon Fist Lee Sin Iron Solari Leona French Maid Nidalee Brolaf (Legendary) Bladecraft Orianna Battle Bunny Riven Blood Moon Shen Arcade Sona Super Teemo Primal Udyr Heartseeker Vayne Hyena Warwick
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