WTS: [NA Account] WTS LVL 55 Sin + two other toons

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    Selling a level 55 sin, on Israphel. Sin comes with full Miragents (all +1) Miragents sword + 10
    Master Blacksmith sword + 5 and all gold accessories.

    In the characters warehouse there is a Flarestorms sword (eternal 55 sword), and Stormwings gloves (eternal 55 gloves). Also, in inventory are Trirorans Dagger, and Black Hearts dagger (double extendable daggers). This character is pretty decked out. All of the Quickening doom ap stigma line has been bought. Character is currently wearing miragents armor dyed black. Toon is also an expert (449) weaponsmith. Basically all thats left to do on this toon is go for the stormwing eternal set, and pvp. Also in inventory, is the full 55 gold Beshmundir sin set, however miragents has much better stats for the class. There are a few pets on the account as well.

    Also included with the main toon are two alts.

    These alts are a level 28 Spiritmaster and a level 41 Cleric.

    The Cleric has both Kaliga's mace as well as Kaliga's shield.

    I do not want to post the names of the toons in here just in case the character gets marked by NCsoft. However if you are interested in buying this account please let me know and I will pm you with character names so you can have a look.

    I am asking a fair price of $250 considering all of the goodies the main has. These toons were cared for quite a lot. This account is a Collectors edition account.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.