WTS: NA account a bit pricey, but worth it.

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    Hi, I'm trying to sell my account, it's been 3 years playing on it but I was too noob when I joined and didn't care about the ping, anyways, here is the info: Bronze elo (Nothing special) 17 Rune pages. And of course I wouldn't get 17 without that many type of runes. 100 Champion. 83 Skins, 2 Legendary,(Lord Vladimir and Pulsefire Ezreal.) CURRENT RP: 6647 Here is a list of the skins owned~ puu.sh/2oQqT Let's do some calculation here, 83 skins are approx 500 RP each saying that I bought some of them at half price +2 legendary so about 45k. 2 rune pages bundles about 5k aand let's disregard all the champions I bought by RP cause I could buy them using IP. Total->50k RP + current = 56k RP 100$ = 15k RP at Riot's store. Please do think of the calculations above when you state your offer. Right now I'll take offers and think about them, I have no current offer. Please replay your AND offer if you're interested and I'll come back to you as soon as I see it. P.S:I also want to buy an EU account as soon as this one sells (Not before it does.)
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