[WTS] NA Account 30skins, 80champs, 19 rune pages

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    Payment: Paypal : neotarkilmar Price: accepting serious offers Account Details 6.159RP 12.706IP -1.300RP for the cost of the account name change. 80 champions 19 rune pages 30 Skins Ahri Foxfire Akali Blood Moon Amumu Sad Robot Annie Frostfire Annie Gothic Ashe Woad Caitlyn Safari (Legacy Skin) Corki Urfrider Ezreal Pulsefire Fiora Headmistress Garen Desert Trooper (Legacy Skin) Gragas Esq Janna Hextech Jax Angler (Legacy Skin) Jax Temple Karthus Pentakill Kog´Maw Monarch Malzahar Vizier (Legacy Skin) Master Yi Samurai Mordekaiser Lord Nasus Dreadknight Poppy Noxus (Legacy Skin) Riven Battle Bunny Shaco Workshop (Legacy Skin) Shyvana Darkflame Sivir Bandit Swain Northern Front Vayne Aristocrat Warwick Hyena Zilean Time Machine (Legacy Skin)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.