WTS: NA account- 233 Glyphs - Every champion - Urf warwick / Red Card Katarina - 245 Skins

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    Hi im attempting to sell my LoL account due to me being posted off to boot camp in the army i wont be playing for a very long time so im hoping to get back some of my money for this account, price is negotiable. Ive been playing since a few months after the game came out and caught urf the manatee for 5950 RP on its very last day of the sale and due to me being Australian it alone cost me 60$ " but the money went to a great cause which is why i bought it ", I was in Gold league during Season 1 but due to being afk for a long period of time i dropped down to silver and duo-ing with a newbie friend in season 2 kept me in silver again. The skin has numerous limited edition skins such as Urf the manatee, red card katarina, Kitty Cat katarina, harrowing Skins and many many others. The account has a total of 233 glyphs which consist of : 83 Marks - red 77 Seals - yellow 73 glyphs - blue 33 quints Marks: 9x 0.91 Armor 10x 1.3 Arm pen 9x 0.95 Physical damage 9x 1.7% attack speed 9x 0.93% crit chance 9x 2.2% crit damage 9x 0.87 magic pen 9x 0.77 magic resist 1x 5.9 mana " lol " Seals: 9x 1.4 armor 9x 0.42% crit chance 9x 0.78% crit damage 5x 0.25 gold per 10 9x 5.3 health 9x 0.74 magic res 9x 0.50% max Hp 9x 1.9 ap at lvl 18 9x 1.1 attack damage at lvl 18 Seals: 1x 0.49 magic pen " lol " 9x 1.2 ap 9x .70 armor 9x 0.64 attack speed 9x 0.28% crit chance 9x 0.56% crit damage 9x 2.7 hp 9x 1.3 Magic res 9x 0.73 ad at lvl 18 Quints: 3x 5 ap 3x 4.3 armor 3x 2.6 armor pen 3x 2.3 attack damage 3x 1.9 crit chance 3x 4.5 crit damage 3x 1.0 gold per 10 3x 1.5% movement speed 3x 2% spell vamp x1--- x1---all 3 of these are random T1 quints that i had from a very long time ago x1--- with a total of 9 rune pages. i have a lot of skins so attached is a link to all the skins i own if you are interested in buying the account and you don't think i have a skin i am more than happy to show you any skin you would like to see in a bot game. s1069.beta.photobucket/user/banic1/media/alltheskins.jpg.html]alltheskins.jpg
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