[WTS] NA Account 1500s soloQ elo 84/94 Champs 15 Rune Pages

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    I am interested in selling or trading this North American account for a West Europe account. It doesn't have many skins but has many heroes and almost all the runes that are used competitively with 15 rune pages to put then at use. Finished Last Season with 1403 SoloQ Currently has 1514 SoloQ Has Arround 1200 Wins( with a 100 games more wins than defeats) in Normal games Got almost every champion except: -Fiora -Fizz -Karma -Oriana -Sejuani -Talon -Viktor -Volibear -Wukong -Yorick It has the folowing runes: Marks: 9x+1.7% Attack Speed 9x+1.7 Armor Pen. 9x+0.93% Crit Chance 9x+0.91 Armor 9x+0.95 Physical Dmg 9x+0.95 Magic Pen. Seals: 9x+1.41 Armor 9x+1.2 Mana Regen/5 at level 18 9x+1.9 Ability power/5 at level 18 9x+2.0 Health regen/5 at level 18 9x+19 Health at level 18 Glyphs: 9x+0.64% Attack Speed 9x+0.99 Mana Regen/5 at level 18 9x+3.1 Ability Power at level 18 9x+2.7 Magic Resist at level 18 9x+1.49 Magic Resist 2x+0.28 Physical Dmg Quintessences: 3x+3.4% Attack Speed 3x+1.0 Gold per 10 3x+3.3 Armor Pen. 2x+7.8 Ability Power at level 18 3x+26 Health 3x+1.9% Crit Chance 3x+5.0 Ability Power 3x+4.3 Armor 3x+2.3 Physical Dmg 3x+1.9 Magic Pen 3x+1.5 Movement Speed Skins: Crimson Akali Unchained Alistar UFO Corki Shadow Evelynn Judgement Kayle Myrmidon Pantheon Riot Girl Tristana
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