WTS: NA Acc with tons of skins + champs

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    Hey, selling my account due to lack of play on the league. Would like to buy a new entertainment center =P. IF you would like to make an offer feel free to leave your name and we will talk There are LEgandaries Holidays and legacy skins in all the bunch. Here is a list of all the champions and skins i own. I also have tons of runes on it too for any roll =P Ahri AKali: Crimson, Nurse Alistar: Inferno Amumu: Sad Robot, Pharao Anivia: Bird of prey Annie: Prom queen, Gothic Ashe: Queen Blitzcrank: Goalkeeper, Piltover Customs Brand Caitlyn: safarii Cassipeia: Mythic Cho'gath: Jurassic Corki: Red baron Darius Dr. Mundo: Mr mundoverse, Toxic, Executioner Draven Elise Evelynn Masqeraude Ezreal: frosted, Nottingham Fiddlesticks Fiora: Headmistress Fizz: Atlantean Gangplank: Ghost Garen: desert Trooper Gragas: Scuba Graves: RIOT Heimerdinger Irelia: Infiltrator Janna Jarvan IV Jax Jayce Karma Karthus: Phantom Kassadin: Deep one Katarina: Slaybelle, Kitty Kat katarina Kayle: Judgement Kennen: MD Doctor, Karate Kog"Maw: Caterpillar Leblanc: Mistle Toe, Wicked Lee Sin: Mua Thai LuLu Lux: Sorceress Malphite: Glacial Malzahar: Vizier Maokai: Totemic Master Yi Mordekaiser: Dragon Knight Morgana Nami Nasus: Galactic NIdalee: Leapord, French Maid NOcturne: Void Nunu: Demolisher Olaf: BROLAF Orianna Pantheon:Rutheless POppy Noxus Rammus: Freljord Rengar Riven: Championship Rumble: Rumble in the Jungle Ryze: PROfessor Shaco: Royal Shen: Blood Moon Shyvana Singed: Augmented Sion: LumberJack Sivir: spectacular Sona: Arcade, Muse, Pentakill Soraka Swain Talon: Crimson Elite Taric: BloodStone Teemo: Badger Tristana: Rocketgirl Trundle: Junkyard Tryndameere: Highland Twisted Fate: Jack of Hearts Twitch: Vandal Udyr: Urgot: Butcher Vayne: Veigar: Leprachaun VI Vladimir: Marquis Volibear: Warwick: FireFang, Big Bad Wukong Xerath Xin Zhao: IMperial Yorick: Undertaker Zilean: Time Machine - - - Updated - - - Bump - - - Updated - - - Bump
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