WTS: NA - Absolutely LOADED Account: 100% Champs. 99% Runes. High ELO/Honor. Tons of skins

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    Is thread is for an absolutely loaded League of Legends account. This account is located on the NA server and presently sitting at over 250 combined honor. This account is EXCELLENT standing having only been warned ONE TIME in THREE YEARS. The account is presently in the GOLD VI tier. Why is this account loaded? Well first and foremost it has EVERYTHING you need to either JUMP in the game or have an account that has it all available. When I say 99% of runes, here is an example of what I mean: with a similar length of Glyphs, Marks and Seals as seen with the Quints. You have 13 rune pages to place those bad boys on, allowing you to make any competitive/meta/silly builds you want for ANY champion. And instead of showing you a picture of every champion's little icon highlighted, it would just be easier to show you this picture of the store: That's because there aren't any more champions for me to buy. I'm presently sitting on over 8,000 ip just waiting for Quinn's release so you know that bad chica is going straight into the collection to keep the champs owned at 100%! What about elo? Extras? This account was BRONZE in Season 1 and GOLD in Season 2 and the icons and border to show it. That means you got yourself a limited edition Judgement Kayle skin and a Victorious Janna skin waiting to be switched to. SKINS? What other SKINS do you have? Glad you asked. I have just over 30 skins and they run the gauntlet from legacy to legendary to code to reward. Here is a picture of some of my favorites: The breakdown is basically 2 ELO rewards, 2 RIOT codes, 4 LEGENDARY 20$ skins, 8 LEGACY (retired) skins, and 14 random 5-10$ skins for various champions. I can be more specific with potential serious buyers. Post here with your information and I will contact you. Serious buyers only. If I feel like you're trying to scam me I'll block you without a second thought. I've already dealt once with a scammer and this account: Scammer: Bennyballs This means YOU ARE GOING FIRST.
Thread Status:
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