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    like i say in the title. i will show u the acc via screenshare leave ur here or send me msg i go first only to trusted members the price is 30 Euro! add me in " ivayn3 " 9Rune Page SKINS Foxfire Ahri Blood Moon Akali Arctic Warfare Caitlyn Hot Rod Corki Toxic Dr.Mundo Frosted Ezreal DreadKnight Garen Mafia Graves Temple Jax Phantom Karthus Grim Reaper Karthus Arctic Ops Kennen Muay Thai Lee Sin Vizier Malzahar Shadow Prince Malzahar Mafia Miss Fortune leopard Nidalee Frozen Terror Nocturne Rune Wars Renekton Earthrune Skarner Emerald Taric Badger Teemo Underworld Twisted Fate Heartseeker Vayne Tundra Hunter Warwick Scorched Earth Xerath Viscero Xin Zhao Time Machine Zilean - - - Updated - - -
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.