[WTS]NA-42 Ranger Great Gear

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    Collector + preorder edition account. Still have like 18 days of game time as of today. Main Charater: Siel - Elyos Ranger lvl 42 All sockets have +10~13 physical critical hit manastones Weapon: Hannet’s Longbow +1 Armor: FULL 30 abyss gear(3 blues + 1 gold piece), 37 Blue quest boots (20% speed) Accesories: Full Laiga's set (Laigas’s Ruby Necklace, Laigas’s Ruby Earrings, Laigas’s Ruby Ring - really high crit + hp pieces) Combined with a few good self-crafted ones (handcrafting is at 245) This character has over 1Mil, all main quest completed up to his level, and the top soft cap for critical hit (440). I'll keep playing it as for now so it may be lvl 43 soon. Leave a message or send me a PM. Payment via Paypal only.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.