WTS: NA 30 ALL Champs GOLD S2/S3 Account (Serious offers only)

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    Like listed above I'm selling my LoL Account. 1711 Elo S2 Ending so I got all of the rewards that came with that. (Gold Borders Icons etc.) Current Ranked Solo Q Rating Gold IV Every Champion in the game Owned 10,000+ IP, 100+ RP on account currently, you have almost all runes so no need to use IP on that and you never have to buy new champs with RP because you'll always have enough IP if you play a regular amount. I do study the competitive scene so you will get all the correct runes if you're looking into competitive play. Runes: Hybrid Quints & Marks also Purchased Recently 64 Tier 3 Marks (Red) LINK 50 Tier 3 Seals (Yellow) LINK 86 Tier 3 Glyphs (Blue) LINK 45 Tier 3 Quints (Gold) LINK 10 Special Avatars 4 Gold Trophies (S2) 1 Bronze (S1) 4 Halloween (S2) 1 Championship (S2) Gold Elo Plated Loading Screen Boarder in all Match Types (3v3, Solo Que, 5v5) Skins I'm only going to put legacy an legendary ones because I do not want to type every single skin in. (if you'd like to know if I have any skins for your fav champ just ask.) Legendary / Legacy Skins: Zombie Brand (Legacy/Legendary) Scuba Gragas (Legacy) Victorious Janna (Legacy) Silver Kayle & Judgement Kayle (Legacy) Corporate Mundo (Legendary) Riot K-9 Nasus (Legacy) Professor Ryze (Legacy) PAX Sivir (Legacy) Underworld Twisted Fate (Legacy/Legendary) Count Vladimir (Legacy) Warrior Kingdoms J4 & Xin Zhao (Dynasty Warrior Skins) Looking for $250 OBO PM Me Serious offers Please or Add : critical.cause
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