[WTS] my last account - Beta - Low ranked games played

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    Yes this is the account from my other post, I ended up leveling it to 30 and purchasing some skins / champs. Only has 17 ranked games played, so still inflated elo. 10wins - 7losses 1300~ elo Mainly a junglers wet dream for champs and support but also bought the digital collector's pack 3 Rune pages - Armor Runes- yellow, red, quints. Armor Pen quints. MR blue. GP5 quints. Attack Speed - red Its from beta, council members, pro players, riot devs on friends list, EVEN girls! Rare skins - ufo corki, king rammus, goth annie, judgment kayle Other skins - Ninja Rammus, Red Skarner, Emumu, Tribal Maokai, Golden Alistar, Frost Queen Janna, Primal Udyr, White Malphite, Divine Soraka, Frozen Olaf, probably forgetting some.. anyway, the buyout is $50 p>
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.