[WTS] My char in L2Tibet.

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    Hi everyone. Since i don't really play in this server any more, i decided to sell my character. l2tibet x1000 server. First page on hopzone... Much online. My char name is KuriosXtapodis (). I am in clan: FAITH. Lvl 8, full clan skills, active members. The char IS donated. 35 euros. Main class: Tyrant. Sub class: Saggi. I've got 100 pvp kills(i can speak in shout chat ) and 1 pk kill(lol ). Items: Draconic armor set +18(max). Tattoo +18(max). Raid boss jewels +18(max). Bodly blessing and Magic focus staffs for oly. Demon splinter critical stun +20(max) with chance duel might while take damage(it works). Draconic bow focus +20(max). 50 cp potions. 18 vote rewards. 7800 pc bang points. 2 gold bars and 500kk adenas. Donated stuff: Actives: Shield. Passives: Magic barrier, duel might. Both of them on main class and sub class. How the payment will be: Price: 20 euro(it was donated 35....). Method: PayPal or PaySafe Card. How: I get the money, you get the account. NOTE: There is command .changepassword currentpass newpass newpass, in game, so you can change your pwd.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.