[WTS] Multiple Level 99 Jobs on Phoenix ($800)

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    Kannagi & Masamune Taru Account with 16 x 99 jobs + WHM mule account

    The main account has pretty decent gear and 94 fishing skill. Please see this picture for all info/gear.The spreadsheet at the bottom is all the emp gear that I have in the porter moogle. Noteworthy Items on main character: Lv 85 Masamune Lv 80 Kannagi (need 21 more sobek skins to get lv 85) Stage 3 Relic H2h Black Belt Twilight Mail & Helm Mekira meikogai Epona's Ring My taru female mule account is a 99WHM & 99 BST Besides using it as whm, I dual box as BSTx2 to make moeny faster in dynamis. This account has access to all dynamis zones (including tavnazia & xarc). Its not geared or skilled the best, but it gets the job done. Has 4/5 whm emp gear. THIS IS FOR TWO SEPARATE ACCOUNTS Thanks
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