WTS Multiple Eve Accounts!(Miners, Freighter, Tengu)

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    Hi, I am looking to liquidate my eve account stockpile. I have a lot of pilots available, some more desirable that others. All of the pilots are on their own individual accounts and I am the first and only owner of the accounts I currently have 3 basic mining pilots, 1 basic freighter pilot, a beginner science pilot, and a Tengu pilot All 3 mining pilots have the following skills: -Mining Pilots -Set of +3 Implants -18 days of account time each The Freighter pilot has the following skills: -Freighter Pilot -+3 Implant set -18 days of account time The starter science pilot has the following skills: -Science 5, Spaceship Command 5. -40 days of account time The Tengu pilot has the following skills: -Tengu Pilot -+3 Implant Set -23 days of account time All EveBoard numbers are slightly inaccurate on SP amount and does not account for currently training skills, freighter pilot is around 2mill sp, Science at 550k sp, Tengu at 10.5m sp. Also, none of the pilots come with any items or isk in-game. The 5 basic pilots would honestly sell for around 2.1bill each on the character bazaar (I have sold plenty of these types of pilots before) once they were near the end of the account time. I will send you links to previous sales that I have hosted on EvE-O character bazaar, which may promote my legitimacy, if you request it. Each bill seems to sell for around 14-15$ USD so I would like 30$ for each of the mining/freighter/science pilots. I would also like to have around $100 for the Tengu pilot. I may offer discounts for multiple characters in one purchase. The game-time is an extreme plus and will allow you to better customize your character before extending the game time at your expense. Upon receiving the PayPal money, I will send you the account information as well the character name(s). I would like to sell them all together but I don't mind selling individually. I must receive money before I will send the account information, also I would prefer the money to be sent as a gift to family/friend. If you would like to purchase an account (or accounts), please send me a message on at "gen.mcmuff1n" and/or post a comment on this thread and/or send me a message (in order of preference). I may be willing to sell a 75mill sp pilot if the price is right as well, ask in a message.
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