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    As many of you knows , the forums , including this one are object of uninvited users also known as scammers . To avoid them , buy and sell easy and safe your goods , accounts , adena or whatever you are selling , i'm here to offer a middle man trusworthy service , providing the only thing everyone is concern of - SAFETY . How this work ? The seller is giving me the quantity of adena or account information , buyer sends to the seller the money they got deal with , and i'm giving the goods to the buyer . By using me as third person in this deal you are avoiding scam , in the worse case scenario the deal is OFF , but at least you keep your money . Who i'm and why should you trust me ? I'm a veteran Silkroad Online and Lineage II player who started playing online games back in 2003 with the beta testing of Lineage II and was proud member of the biggest clans back in the day in Bartz(Renovatio-Nova) , Lionna(Little pigs) , Chronos(SacredSteel) , Teon (RedSky) and recently Naia Appart of this i was selling for a long time adena and powerlevel services for sites such as playerup.com , pcgamerusa , iwtsgold and so on . Also i was using another forums , mostly the biggest clans on the server forums to advertise and sell my goods . Who can use my services and at what servers ? At the moment i will be only doing trades on all NCsoft servers (Bartz,Magmeld,Chronos,Naia,Shilen) and all Innova(EU)Servers : Core and Aria. What is the procedure of getting things done ? The buyer makes the talk to the seller about the price and once they both agree on the asking price , THEN you contact me and we do the trade . What is the fee of this ? As many of you know other middle man across the forums are asking for 20% or so for each value of the deal , which for me is totaly annoying (Let's say the deal is for 500 euro , so the middle man is supposed to get 100 euro from this) , this is why i decided to put a one time fixed tax 10 Euro (5 from the seller , 5 from the buyer) For second or long time customers the price can be lowered (if u think that's not low enough ) How do you get in touch of me ? Once you are ready for trade or you want to make any kind of consultation you can find me anytime at the following coordinates : : [email protected] icq : 612817962 : ScarfaceL2
Thread Status:
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