WTS: Maxed Combat and Magic Acc on Besaid

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    Every Combat and Magic job capped at 50 Gladiator 50 Marauder 50 Lancer 50 Pugilist 50 Archer 50 Conjurer 50 Thaumaturge 50 Botanist 40+ Two Crafting Jobs near 40 20,000,000 Gil Over 500+ Achievement Points Chocobo Mount, Materia Melder, Materia Assimilator, Ifrit Primal Loot: Ifrit's Battleaxe, Ifrit's Claws, Ifrit's Bow, Ifrit's Cane, Ifrit's Cudgel Moogle Primal Loot: Malignant Mogaxe, Melancholy Mogfork, Maleficent Mogstaff Dzemael Darkhold Loot: Alpine War Jacket, Bladedancer's Jackboots, Verdant Shortbow, Mitts of the Lone Knight, Canopus Bill, Verdant Hora Misc: Peregrine Helm, Silver Tricorne, Ul'dahn Scimitar, Lominsan Chainmail, Lominsan Dalmatica, Gridanian Doublet, Gear for all Combat and Magic jobs. Achievement Items: Paragon's Crown Event Items: All Five Swimming Suits, Reindeer Outfit, Moonlet, Patriot's Choker, Ripened Pumpkin Head, All Four Dragon Kabutos, Race: Male Hyur (You will be able to change this later .) Server: Besaid Grand Company: The Order of the Twin Adder (Gridania) PICTURES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good server reputation Price $500 (Includes ) send PM
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.