WTS Lvl75 Conquerer - EU Battlescar PVP Realm. 40Euro.

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    Well played AOC since official release and I am simply bored of playing MMO's so I am heading back to Battlefield2142 and other first person shooters. The Conq is level 75 with mostly blue gear and is tank spec. The Conq kills most things with ease and often its very easy to tank and kill multiple mobs for speed runs in villas and the like. Weapon is a 70 blue with blue gems. Armor is mainly boss/villa drops so the good percentage is blue. Professions are Weaponsmith and Armorsmith both at Tier4 level. The char has advanced all but 2 gathering professions to be on par with the characters level. The 2 left behind are leather which is not really needed as you can still get the drops regardless of this quest and Silk which is easily farmed from humanoid mobs in a set level range. The character currently sits on around 35g which is a nice amount to play around with. The character was in a guild but I left it before putting the character up for sale so the buyer is not left in an awkward situation. The character has the level 40 mount and riding skill so it can get around quickly. The entire account is also privileged to the following special items; Drinking Cape Mammoth Mount Mammoth Bag These items can be used on all characters made on this account simply by using /claim The account also comes with 2 bank chars, these contain large amounts of alchemy materials and gems of all tier levels. Account has 1 month playtime left! I am looking for 40Euro via Paypal. You must be Trust Who verified and Paypal verified. I will setup invoices according to a tried and tested method to prevent scams. Buy will recieve all the normal details such as username, password and email change. I will also take photo's of the cd-key. To contact me just leave a reply to this thread with your contact details.
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